Southeast Asia, a fertile and culturally rich region beckons travelers and tourists of all kinds from all across the globe. Globetrotters and backpackers arrive here looking over unique experiences and go back with lifetime memories. Crowned by volcanoes and wrapped in rainforests and the golden sands edge Southeast Asian region. Well known for its beautiful beaches, mesmerizing ruins of lost civilizations and lots of adventurousness, the destination baits thousands of tourists every year. Travelers come here to have a look at the world-famous landmarks like the scenic views of Ha Long Bay, the city of Bangkok or the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

Holidays in Southeast Asia

Holidaying in Southeast Asia is a lot cheaper, and the destinations here are highly recommended. As a prudent traveler, just do some research and a bit of homework on the different laws and traditions of the various countries in Southeast Asia. Ensure that you have a good place or hotel room for accommodation as one can pick from hostels, guesthouses, hotels and boutique resorts. Bukit Mertajam hotels are immensely popular among the tourists because of their profession services, top-notch amenities, and reasonable costs. Make the most of your visit and take advantage of their special offers!

Fundamental Forces of Nature

natural elements

The natural elements have forged the Southeast Asian lands. Raging rivers have carved the land over centuries, and the mighty volcanoes have thrust the land up. Those amazing islands have been shaped by coral reefs and sculpted them into surreal karst outcrops because of the sea spray. Cultures, defined by the seasons have developed based on the monsoon rains. Those impenetrable jungles are forced through by the flooding of rivers. This is a land made of rivers, oceans, and islands that never fail to amaze the travelers.

Spiritual dimensions of different cultures

Spiritual dimensions

Southeast Asia is dotted with a myriad of temples and mosques. Incense sticks swirl the fragrant smoke that fills the atmospheres within and outside of those temples. Monks can be seen on the roads in Buddhist nations living their life and gathering alms. A multi-throated chorus rises up at dawn in the Muslim countries. It is the call to wake up the community for prayers. The morning air is filled with thick incense smoke in Muslim countries. Witness the arcane animist rituals in remote villages with tribal people. It is hard to ignore the spiritual spaces in centuries-old mosques and temples of Southeast Asia. As a traveler, you become a part of those spiritual dimensions and become one with it.

Urban Modernity Adventures

Urban Modernity

Megacities have sprung up in the major countries of South East Asia like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and more. The urban skylines have been reshaped and redefined by those bold cities and skyscrapers. Wither it is the urban chaos of Bangkok, or the skyscrapers in Singapore, each of Southeast Asia’s capitals carries its own unique character. The cities here are shaped over the years by religion, culture, geography. Stay at Grand Orient Hotel Perai Penang to enjoy the elegant hospitality and an exceptionally high standard of service. The hotel is conveniently located near the 1st Penang Bridge and has its own distinctive style.

Mesmerizing Gourmet Encounters

Gourmet Encounters

Southeast Asia, a melting pot of different cultures is also a cooking pot for various cuisines. You come across mesmerizing combinations as one cuisine influences the other. Enjoy the flavors of some unique dishes that are created as the cuisines melt into one another. Your taste buds will keep craving for more. You could enjoy a fine dining experience in a five star or have a meal at a roadside canteen. It is indeed a feast for the yeas and your taste buds.


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