Thirty is a big year in most people’s lives. For many, it signals the end of an era. In your 20’s, you tend to have time and energy to explore the world. After you turn thirty though, responsibilities increase. Many people get married, settle down, have kids. And as a result, the opportunities for fulfilling, exciting adventures dissipate.

Fortunately, you can make the most of your youth so that you transition into middle age with grace and aplomb. Here are five worthwhile things to do before you turn thirty –– so you can look back on your 20’s with fondness instead of regret:

Invest in a Fledgling Company

The older you get, the riskier the stock market becomes. But when you’re young, you can afford to be more cavalier in your investment; after all, you’ve got time and energy to make money back should you lose it. That’s why your 20’s is the perfect time to invest in a small company that you believe in. Who knows, it could strike big with a little extra capital that you can provide.

Visit Another Continent

Having children doesn’t make travel impossible –– but it does make it more difficult. That’s why it’s important to see the world while you can. Overseas trips to Asia, Europe, or Africa can provide amazing moments; but such trips aren’t really feasible to take with small children. Enjoy these chances to travel while you still can.

Go Back to School

Whether you take a biology class and learn how to use 8-tube strips in an experiment, or fulfill a lifelong ambition to dance the Flamenco, taking a class at a community college near you is a fabulous way to broaden your horizons in your free time.


Sometime in the future, you might not have the expendable income that you enjoy right now. That’s why it’s critical to maximize your resources while you have them. Don’t be afraid of buying an expensive dress or enjoying a night out at a sophisticated restaurant. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Follow a Dream

We’ve all got dreams that we haven’t lived out. For one reason or another, lack of time, money, practice, many people never get the chance to meet their ambitions. However, youth offers us the chance to follow those dreams. Spending time doing something you’re passionate about –– even if it’s not profitable –– is time well spent. Remember that, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a vibrant and meaningful life before you turn thirty.


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