Many businesses operate out of small spaces in their early stages. You might only have a small office unit, or perhaps you even work from home. One of the major concerns you’ll have is whether you’ll have the room needed for all your operations.

Part of being lean is being able to use your limited resources efficiently. You may need to think creatively to make your small business space work better. You’d be surprised at how large you can make your minor operation seem with some extra help. Here are some useful tips for creating some extra space for your small business.

Use Warehousing Services:

If you store and deliver goods, then you’re going to need a lot of space to store them. A lot of online shops sell products from home. While they may be able to store goods in their bedroom at first, this will get harder as they grow.

Warehousing services often store stock for businesses. Some even deal in delivery fulfilment. Services like these can send out stock for you. They can even handle returns. It saves a lot of time for you, as well as space.

Get A Virtual Mailbox:

Having your business mail sent elsewhere can often be helpful. Although letters and parcels don’t necessarily take up a lot of space, they can be a hassle to handle. In some cases, your office unit might not have the best mail facilities. If you’re working from home, you might want to keep business and personal mail separate.

Having a reliable mailbox forwarding service is helpful for all this and more. Many services offer mailbox services for businesses. They can take your mail and forward it to you. Some even scan it online so you can view it instantly. It makes sorting through post much more efficient.

Having an address located in a prominent business area also looks better. Clients and customers are much more likely to buy from a company in a professional area than one with a house address.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing
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Having filing cabinets all over the office takes up a fair amount of space. More concerningly, it often makes it harder to find the documents you need.

Nowadays, most companies use cloud storage for all their documents. Using a cloud service for your business means you can access your work data from anywhere.

Using cloud servers also eliminates the need for large data servers. A lot of business tasks can even be carried out with cloud services, so it’s more efficient in many ways. It even cuts down on your energy costs, so it’s a lean and green solution for your company.

Outsource Tasks:

You might not have the space for a bunch of employees. Let alone the space for large equipment and supply storage. In these cases, it’s much more efficient to outsource some of your business activities.

You can delegate all kinds of work to external services. Startup product creators most likely won’t have the space for manufacturing equipment. It’s a task that’s often outsourced to factories, even for large corporations.

Even outsourcing tasks such as accounting and marketing can help. You’ll save yourself some work so that you can spend your time more productively. At the same time, you’ll still have the task handled by an expert.

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