Sydney is more than its mainstream attractions. There are numerous other things to see and do in this lovely city, so be sure to make the most of your stay. Definitely, you won’t get bored wandering around.

Apparently, Sydney has also its own quirky side, which every visitor needs to discover. In case you are up for a more thrilling adventure, then learn more of the offbeat stuff you can do around the city. Here are a few unique things you can try when in Sydney:

Visit the SS Ayrfield

Homebush Bay SS Ayrfield

Source: Wikpedia

Head over HomebushBay and see the SS Ayrfield. It is one of the decommissioned ships that was just abandoned and then sprouted some mangrove trees. In fact, there were many ships left here, but this one stands out because of the foliage in the rusted hull. Though the trees have taken over the ship, it still floats. This is the reason why it is also known as The Floating Forest, which somewhat adds life to the place.

Unwind at Lady Bay Beach

Lady Bay Beach

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Do you want to experience a unique beach trip? Visit Lady Bay Beach at Watsons Bay. It is regarded as one of Australia’s oldest clothing-optional beaches as well as the first-ever fishing village. You can bare it all you want since it is a nudist beach. In case you want to try skinny dipping or get nude at the beach, then this is the ideal place to finally do it.

Explore Bundeena


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Discover Bundeena with your family or friends and escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney. This hip little spot is a perfect destination to simply chill. It is home to various boutique cafes, independent art galleries, and local artists. Being able to see this place is worth it, especially if you are an art lover or just want to loosen up a bit in a new surroundings.

Go ghost hunting at The Rocks


Sydney is full of extraordinary stuff to try, like ghost hunting at The Rocks. If you are not afraid of anything, then you can try this one out. Book a tour at Ghost Tours and get fascinated with all things spooky and thrilled with horrendous history lessons. Once signed up, you will be able to discover secret alleys and cobblestones while being told about the horrific stories of suicides, hauntings, and murders. Isn’t this an extremely unique activity?

Get up close with the sharks at Magic Point


Go diving with the sharks! Just a 30-minute boat ride from Manly, you can easily get to Magic Point. This wonderful dive spot houses weedy seadragon and endangered grey nurse shark. So, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Sydney, then this could be it. Dive with these lovely creatures and have an unforgettable journey!

Try out these unusual activities mentioned above when in Sydney. Nothing beats being able to experience something new with your loved ones, so grab this opportunity right away. Also, don’t forget to book a room at any top-rated Sydney hotels to fully enjoy your vacation. Your escapade here will truly be one for the books.


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