Many measures that business owners implement to boost employee morale are reactive. That is, a lot of business owners only take employee morale seriously when it becomes a problem. And on the surface, this approach seems to make sense. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize that it’s not a cost-effective or efficient way to run a business. Rather than simply “putting out fires” as needed, business owners should seek long-term moral solutions that will ensure consistent employee motivation. This will allow companies to retain their best employees, attract talented newcomers, and clear any hurdles in their path. With that in mind, today we’ll highlight six significant ways to improve employee morale now and in the future:

Implement a Loyalty Bonus

While it’s certainly a good idea to provide employees with bonuses when warranted, it’s also a smart play to institute regulated loyalty bonuses. Rewarding team members who have stuck by you year after year will help you retain their services and incentivize new employees to do the same.

Promote from Within

There are many benefits to growing your business from the inside out. By promoting current team members to higher positions, businesses encourage ambitious professionals to express themselves and bring new and exciting ideas to the table. Furthermore, hiring internally often reduces training time, and it eliminates the risk of upsetting delicate intra-office chemistry.

Take the Initiative

Have you noticed a few frayed edges on your office furniture? Does your workspace WiFi run as slow as molasses? Or does the sink in your breakroom leak incessantly? If so, don’t wait for your employees to complain about these issues. Rather, take the initiative and upgrade office amenities before they become a point of contention.


Employee training programs are essential to creating vibrant and productive company cultures. As such, focusing on important issues like safety training topics, office etiquette, and professional productivity will allow your employees to flourish in their environment.

Be Spontaneous

Is it a good idea to congratulate your team after they complete a big project? Of course! However, the best business owners don’t stop there. They go the extra mile and surprise their team members from time to time with a free lunch, a company-sponsored happy hour, or an unexpected day off. Don’t underestimate the goodwill a random act of kindness can generate.

Invite Dialogue

Want to make sure you always know how your employees are feeling? Then hold regular meetings with them and invite open dialogue. Simply being willing to listen will alleviate many conflicts that arise between employees and employers.


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