Every business owner braces themselves for the upcoming changes in the market each year. They watch closely to find out what their industry is doing or no longer engaging in. It pays to search out the coming changes for business in the next year or further. You want to be abreast of business technology trends so you can alter your company to cope. Owners must know they are in for a lot of changes as we head into the future with technology dragging us along. Here are some things business owners must look forward to in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve all watched the news and read the stories about the arrival of artificial intelligence. Some businesses have implemented this technology ahead of schedule. Some of us don’t even notice it, yet day after day, ads continue to pop up telling us how AI is being used at your local bank. This could be facial recognition systems to get into your bank account or typing on a tablet to check in for a hotel. Business owners should attend as many conferences as they can to stay with this new technology. AI started small and now it has expanded faster than ever. The company that uses it the best can win this tech war. Soon you can find registered agent services with a thumbprint.


Owners need to look at the growth of automation. They must figure out what services to eliminate and turn on autopilot. One of the oldest pastimes of getting a hamburger handed to you is about to end with automation. Now it’s getting where all you have to do is type your order into a tablet. Owners need to fit automation into their businesses for faster productivity.

Automation is leading the charge and putting your competition further in the market. Many are finding out what they can do faster with a coded automated service. We’ve seen some automation in the past, but they’ve failed to make a dent in the market. Tech businesses see the future and are trying to find the perfect automotive service that won’t lose customers. Not everyone is a computer whiz and too much automation can scare your base.

Remote Jobs

Employees want their lives back from having to drive miles to work and deal with traffic. Most people want remote jobs to do on their own time. With the increase of workplace violence, the staff is opting for remote jobs where they can work at home or at a coffee shop. Business owners need to create positions like these and save costs on having a large workforce. Remote jobs give employee options. That said, it won’t take long to see your team shrink into three to five people in the office. Pay attention to the latest business technology trends that will put you ahead in competition with others.

Customer Service

Customer service has drastically changed due to social media. Years ago, the customer had one channel to complain about a product. Today, social media has opened an avenue for us all to vent about something. People film the event first before complaining to the manager. Customer service is one of the biggest areas business owners need to get prepared for. It’s changed and now we chat in through the company’s website.

Online virtual assistants are becoming the new way we talk to a supervisor. Many businesses are also being more proactive in solving problems since getting a dig from social media. It’s going to be more about protecting your business from these new kinds of customer service attacks. You’ll need talented employees to wield your social media feed to stop the destruction of your company’s reputation.

These are some of the things that business owners will have to look forward to in 2020. Artificial intelligence is right around the corner. Soon our phones might be completely dependent on it. Make sure your company follows all new business technology trends for AI. Most companies have a lot of services a machine can do better and faster. Owners have to look at the costs regarding going automated versus staying as you are. The office workers base will shrink when people decide it’s better to work from the couch. Companies must adjust to employee demands of wanting to forgo the traffic each morning. Remote jobs soon could be the number one hiring practice. Owners should also get ready for customer service changes that have ramped up since social media. Make sure you have a good social media platform and savvy employees running it.


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