Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring is a financial investment and a lifetime experience. You must be very cautious when making a big financial decision. Make sure you choose the right engagement ring from the right place. Your choice must match the style and of your fiancé. Here are some suggestions on best place to buy an engagement ring that you can consider:

1- Take White Flash:

If your fiancé loves the cut on diamonds, you should opt for White Flash. Offering wide range of diamonds, AGS certified retailer nails every cut of a diamond. To provide you top quality, diamonds it carries out various assessment stages. Cut shape is your choice: be it heart or round, it will win your fiancé’s heart.

2- Think about Brian Gavin:

Another option for you to win your fiancé’s heart! Brian Gavin has got its roots in Africa: a real source of diamonds. Over the passage of time, it has developed repute in diamond selection. Its famous round cushion and princess cut and Brian Gavin’s blue diamonds are of its own kind which suits your style at its best. World’s most beautiful diamonds are pre-screened to ensure eye cleanliness. You get custom designed engagement ring here.

3- Here Is James Allen:

This is perfect place for you if you are intended to buy fancy shaped diamonds. Tech-oriented James Allen displays 360HD video of its diamond’s collection to give you clear and exact picture of your choice. it gives you a variety of 40,000 loose diamonds. GIA and AGS certified diamonds are at their best while making you stay light on your budget. If you don’t like the diamond, return it within 30 days, and if you do, have life time warranty for your diamonds. Whether you like colored fancy diamonds or simple elegant ones, this makes the best deal in buying an engagement ring.

4- Go Blue Nile:

A Wal-Mart of diamonds and fine jewelry provides conflict free diamonds. Adopting Kimberley Process, it sells legal and authentic diamonds. Here you get world’s top quality gold to make your engagement ring ‘the best’. Offering affordable prices along with free gift cards and elegant packaging is distinctive and ideal deal for buying an engagement ring.

5- Look at Tacori:

Your hunt for platinum engagement ring ends at Tacori. Showing up from California, it creates most beautiful engagement rings of the world. Its employs high tech methods and hand-craftsmanship to produce enchanting designs and quality engagement rings. You can fully rely on Tacori, as each diamond is carefully selected according to your desired shape and demand. To standout in your taste, try crescent silhouette, Tacori’s signature design. Buy her with full confidence, as the diamonds are conflict free undergone Kimberley Process!

6- Engagement Rings by Ritani:

Taking care of the 4Cs and all the shapes Ritani brings the best choice! Diamonds are beautifully embedded in metals ranging from platinum; yellow gold, white gold, rose- gold to palladium. Make your choice more realistic and cost effective by choosing a combination of palladium and diamonds. The AGSL evaluates their diamonds cuts to give you enhanced sparkle. The five distinct styles i.e. Classic, Solitaire, Masterworks, Halo and Three-stone are beautifully suited to your fiancé’s lifestyle; you can create your custom design as well.

7- Choose from Verragio:

Well established in diamond industry, Verragio is the best choice while buying engagement ring. High quality craftsmanship and dedication makes it stand out of the rest. You should never settle for average when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Starting from $1500 it gives you fair deal for your buying decision.

8- Perfect is Simon G:

Starting with the sketch of design, it is focused on perfection to create each unique piece. Each diamond is carefully set in metals to give you perfect engagement ring. To ensure best results, each ring undergoes different quality control stages. Even, if you are allergic of white gold, palladium is alloyed to give you the comfort and satisfaction. Your engagement ring diamond is fastened securely in four prongs. Hence, you can consider Simon G., confidently and make her yours forever!

9- Tiffany & Co. at its Best:

Dates back to 1840, Tiffany was titled as ‘king of diamonds’. Today, it is famous for unique and radiant engagement ring designs. Your true love and passion for the big occasion is translated here. Never compromising on the cuts, it gives outstanding shiny and clear diamonds. You can have customized and affordable choices here. Best thing: don’t worry about your budget as it takes care of it and gives you the best from the rest! So, buy Tiffany for life time experience.

10- Browse Diamond Hedge:

Want to leave no stone unturned? Diamond Hedge is the platform! Here you can have the clear picture of all the famous, and your favorite, brand’s diamonds, compare their price range and make a wise decision. Be it the 4Cs concern or the shape; everything here fulfills the desire.

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