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It is difficult to argue that online stores are very convenient and necessary. Almost everything you can imagine can be purchased there. At the same time, you can make purchases without leaving home, thus saving time and money by ordering the desired goods to the doorstep from every corner of the globe. Acquiring tickets for the concert of favorite artists is also possible via the Internet. Here are some advantages of this action:

  1. Instant selection and subsequent booking of the ticket without leaving your workplace or housing. Everywhere where there is Internet access, you can use the service of search and reservation – in the restaurant, park, at the hotel.
  2. Instant payment by electronic wallet or bank card.
  3. System of search and booking tickets operates around the clock every day, without holidays and weekends.
  4. Tickets can be purchased not only for yourself but also for friends, relatives, colleagues.

How the daring dreams become reality

Justin Bieber

The story of Justin Bieber is a modern fairy tale for all who want to conquer stellar Olympus and believe in his dream. Simple video singing boy from Canada miraculously attracted the attention of an influential manager Scooter Braun, who, having found Bieber, offered him partnership and contract with Raymond Braun Media Group, co-owner of which is a famous rap artist Usher. So began stellar career of an unknown boy. Bieber’s first single, «One Time» hit the top ten in Canada and top 30 in some countries, and the debut mini-album became “gold” in Australia and New Zealand, as well as platinum in Canada and the United States. Further creative achievements of Justin delighted not only his family, but fans around the world. The song “Baby” became a hellish hit, deprived of reason millions of schoolgirls, and clip on it broke all records on the number of views. Then after all Justin’s the first record appeared, and its name, My World 2.0, was perfectly raving madness around the young singer.

In 2011, biographic film about Justin Bieber – a young artist whose dream has come true, was released. “Never Say Never” was the most successful concert film in the US in terms of box office receipts. Justin Bieber plays guitar, piano, drums, trombone, and, notably, he grasped the basics of the game on each instrument independently, without the help of teachers. With the advent of pop singer Justin Bieber became the idol of teenagers, mostly girls, but the first girl of a newfound star became too notorious person – singer and actress Selena Gomez. The rapid success, the attention of the paparazzi adversely affect the behavior of the young artist, new scandalous facts about Bieber, who was arrested and repeatedly had problems with the law for speeding while intoxicated, possession and use of marijuana often appear in the press.

However, this only adds him popularity. Hurry up to buy tickets and see the young celebrity with your own eyes.


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