Inventions and Discoveries


Modern architecture of today has gone through many phases to attain its current look and feel. The styles of buildings nowadays can be described as an intricate combination of modern and early age designs, borrowing the best aspects from both. Interior exposed beams are one of these aspects that have made a significant come back and are being incorporated widely in house designs. Exposed beams essentially mean that the structure and frame of the roof are uncovered. It gives the room a unique, rustic look with ample room for customization. These beams are accessible in many kinds; the classic wooden roof beam, the modern and futuristic metal roof beam and so on. There are numerous combinations that can be selected depending on the angle, such as fish bone structure or half side. Before even thinking about installing beams on the interior of your home, have a team like Quality Exterior Services LLC check the stability and structure of your roof to ensure your home can handle the weight and pressure of beams.

Listed below are some of the most popular designs right now:

1)  Cathedral Style Roof Beam


No need to tax your imagination about this one. As evident from the name, the interior beams for this bedroom design are inspired from ancient cathedrals. Such structures usually have a central beam extending through the length of the room with secondary beams at a slightly downward angle emanating from it. This design is ideal for spacious yet cozy cabin like bedrooms.

2) Barn Style


It is a rustic and plain design, which has two horizontal exposed wooden beams running parallel to each other through the width of the room. Ideal to incorporate in the master bedroom, owing to its spacious design, the barn style will bestow a unique finishing to the bedroom.

3) Unfinished Oak Beam

Unfinished Oak Beam

Rectangular oak beams exposed to the view carry the rustic ambience of this design to the next level. The oak beams are made to look unfinished, but rest assured they are sturdy, safe and strong like any other contemporary exposed beam design.

4) Steel and Wood Combination Beams for the Living Room


This entry is distinctive on the list as it takes you from bedroom beam designs and ventures into the living room for a change. The combination of steel and wooden beams is used to endow the building with not only structural integrity but also pleasant esthetics. Mostly, the wooden beams are joined together with steel plates and bolts, which create a very interesting contrast.

5) Mid- Century Bedroom with Roof Beams


This design is an import from Scandinavia and was first used in that part of the world. The exposed roof beams used here are of solid dark color running horizontally equidistant from each other through the length of the room. As the name suggests, the design dates back to mid century but when used in a modern bedroom of today, it still looks chic and sophisticated endowing a majestic and amazing look.

6) Unfinished Thick Oak Beams Roof for Kitchen


Like entry no. 4 on the list, this entry also earns distinction for itself by venturing into another area of the house i.e. the kitchen. For this instance, the unfinished thick oak beams design for the kitchen roof is made in geometrical shape to provide support to the glass roof residing above it. This design bestows ultra modern outlook to the kitchen.

7) Inserted Steel Framing Beams Roof


A variation of entry no. 4, this design has horizontal exposed wooden beams running through the length of the living room while resting on inserted steel framing for extra support and durability. This style is also ideal for basement rooms owing to its structural strength.

8) Traditional Victorian Bedroom


Hailing from the Victorian era, this bedroom model has exposed beams in a combination of rectangular and horizontal arrangement. The beams are painted to match the color scheme of the room and give it a polished and welcoming look.

So, which roof beam design you liked the most? If you have some extraordinary roof beam structures to share, please do.

These happen to be the voted top ten inventions that the world has ever received. They have definitely influenced the shape and stature of the world in differing ways. Without these the world would not have had half the fun it has now.

1. Popsicle:

This got discovered by Frank Epperson who was indeed making the soda pop with the mixing of popular drink with soda water powder mixed in water. As he forgot midway and left the soda out on the porch all night, he found out the next morning, the frozen soda pop sitting on a stick.

Photo by LukeDaDuke

This was the accidental invention of the first icicle as reported. 18 years later he started selling them with patented name to it. This was then known as the Eppsicle.