Living in van is getting people’s attention not only in the US, but also in the UK. To highlight the fact why people swap their homes for vans, Van Monster has created an infographic, which particularly discusses Vanlife in the UK.
London is one of the most costly cities in the world with monthly rents touching to £1,301. If you fancy living in the capital without the cost, you need a van. The infographic shows that you only have to spend £492 per month (with no electricity) if you choose living in the van.

With that said, Vanlife has its pros and cons, and it’s not that easy to setup a van. First you need the right van and then you have to customize it as per your living standards. Once you have the van ready, you must be aware of the costs you have to bear which include insurance, fuel, emission charges, MOT, road tax, parking etc.

The biggest question is how do you use the bathroom? Check the full infographic and find out.

Van Life


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Flower arrangements are no game as it requires both skills and expertise to come up with something beautiful. Designing is an integral part of the floral decoration, so flowers just kept in a container is a flower bunch and not an arrangement but when the same flowers are collectively clubbed together in a beautiful design then it is considered to be a floral arrangement. It is the colour, texture and the form which plays an important role in floral arrangement. Birthdays are special occasion which requires something really nice to be presented to the one you love. You can get these premium arrangements designed from a renowned florists on the occasion. You can shop for Carnations, Lilies, Gerberas and Orchids amongst others. All these flowers are aesthetically arranged and can be gifted to the one you love.

You can pick one amongst several other floral decoration that we have listed below and can get birthday flowers online to one of you loved ones as a perfect gift for Birthday, Anniversary or any other occasion depending on your choice. This blog particularly talks about the different kinds of floral decoration which is perfect for occasions like birthday and many other.


It was during the 19th century when every lady was expected to carry a Nosegay, a mixed bunch of flowers. These flowers were beautifully complemented with paper frills and even some green fillers to enhance its beauty. It was believed to have carried secret love messages during the courtship period. Nosegay can turn out to be the best arrangement in case of birthday flowers.


These are special floral decoration item which became popular during the 20th century. This floral decoration for admirers. A unique feature of this kind of floral decoration is that only heads of the flowers are used which are wired together and are completed with a ribbon to be worn at waist, wrist or shoulder too.


Garlands are floral arrangement when the heads of the flowers are woven together with a help of a string. A circular floral arrangement is called a wreath whereas the one that is worn around the head is called chaplet. They are used in many different rituals, especially in India.

You can complement these gorgeous looking flowers with a special greeting card penning down your wonderful thoughts on the occasion along with luscious chocolates to let you have some fond memories of the occasion.

Safer Home

The home is a place where we’re supposed to be able to relax in a safe environment. We certainly don’t want a home that’s going to get us sick or start collapsing around us. Or one that leaves us open to danger. Personal health and safety in the home is important. Not just for our own health, but our family’s and even the health of a home. After all, we tend to put a lot of money into our homes, we don’t want it suddenly becoming worthless. We have lives, families and even businesses we need kept safe. So here’s how to help our home protect us.

Safer Home

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Mould & rot

One of the most common and recurring problems in modern households is the potential for mould and rotting, mostly due to moisture. Letting this problem go too far can result in serious structural damage and might require total renovation. Insulating the inside of the house from the outside is key. It’s often cracked or missing roof tiles that can cause a lot of water to seep into the home. Stay vigilant for mould in your home. Left unchecked, it’s a serious health hazard.


It’s not just mould and damp that can eat away at your house. Some very common creepy crawlies can do the exact same. Pests are another regular problem. Some can be an annoyance and force you to throw food out. Others can eat at the very house itself. It’s best not to take your chances. Don’t let ants take over your home. If you’re having recurring visits, get someone to control it, or take it into your own hands.

Fire Alarm

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Your alarms

There are other dangers that might pose a much more direct threat to your health. We’re talking mainly about fires and carbon monoxide here. Of course, every home needs alarms for sending these threats. But not enough people carry out the checks and maintenance they should be. Install alarms on each floor and test them regularly. Once a month isn’t too much of a hassle for peace of mind.


There’s also the very real danger that other people can pose us and our home. Break-ins can cost us a lot more than money in stolen possessions and damaged homes. Even if we’re not put in physical danger, the emotional damage it causes can be deep and long-lasting. Deter break-ins by making sure your home looks well inhabited at all times. Neglecting how your home looks from the outside can easily make burglars think no-one has been in it for a while. If you’re travelling, get a neighbour or friend to do it for you.

Allergens and irritants

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Allergens and irritants

There are more invisible threats that we should be more careful of. Especially since we’re the ones who normally introduces them to the home. A lot of allergens and irritants come in cleaning products we use. If you’re concerned about what you’re inhaling, look close on the labels of detergents and bleaches you buy. Natural, much more friendly alternatives are available.

Online shopping has taken the world by a sweep. Shopping is definitely not a passion of a particular gender. It is indeed secretly enjoyed by one and all. Online shopping has changed the way we all shop. In fact, the sheer numbers are staggering. The kind of varieties, brands, shapes, sizes, payment options, etc. available, has made the foot shopper to sit back and surf through the virtual malls.

The virtual world has in the recent times seen many online shopping portals appear and disappear. The rise in competition in the market has enabled the shopper to benefit. There are many deals available along with lucrative offers.

The popular shopping portals offer discounts in the form of promo codes or discounted coupons. For instance, through Myntra Coupons, the shoppers can enjoy a variety of options while shopping on Myntra. It is also true that shopping online has its added benefits and flaws, but the pros outweigh the cons by a massive margin. Let’s examine and see:

Who Doesn’t like Saving Money?

What you save is what you earn. This is a motto which every parent brings their child up with. In fact, one does not need an accountant’s degree to understand this logic. For further clarity, consider this: the more you save, the more you can buy. One can find better deals online than any retail outlet in the real world.

The Coupons Fall Straight from Heavens

Ask any shopaholic on the street, the one thing they crave for is, is a discount coupon. Furthermore, when one finds the right discount coupon for the one dress that one has been eyeing for a very long time – heaven would seem to be right on the corner. Moreover, through the wide variety of discount coupons or promo codes available online, one can get: free shipping or save money on the total sum or sometimes get options of free gifts too.

There are many websites and social media profiles which offer coupons or promo codes as like Freebies Dip One must choose appropriately and wisely before pressing on the purchase button.

The Point Based System

Most shopping portals treat their customers with frequent shopper points. That is, depending on the amount of money spent each time, one gets certain points. Furthermore, by accumulating more of such points, one gets chances to avail discounts of various sorts.

Benefit more from Festivities and Online Shopping Fiestas

India is a land of festivities and the websites market well during each season. Never does a day go by when one does not get to hear about certain special offers. The various portals are known to come up with shopping carnivals during which time fantastical discounts are available.

Online shopping is also a trade that is to be mastered. It is in many ways similar to shopping in the markets outside in the real world. There is the added advantage of the comfort of your couch and the order being delivered right at the doorstep. Also, if you don’t like what you bought, there is always the option of replacing it.

Dogs can be a great addition to family life; however, there are things you need to think about before bringing a dog into your home. They require regular care and are an additional responsibility, so if you already have a large family then you will need to be prepared to sacrifice even more of your time.

There are some main issues you will need to discuss with your family before you get a dog. Firstly, you will need to think about your budget. Dog food, veterinary bills, flea and tick medication and accessories such as beds, dog toys and other items can be costly, so it is important to think about what you can afford. The last thing you want to do is bring a dog into your family home only to find that you cannot afford to provide it with proper care.

Another thing to think about is what breed of dog will be suitable for your family. Dogs have different temperaments, so it is important to familiarise yourself with different types of breeds to see which one will best suit your family and lifestyle. Choosing the right breed of dog is also important if you have children. You will need to find a dog that your children love and one that will love your children equally. It is best to avoid large breeds and particularly those known to have aggressive temperaments. If you are thinking of purchasing a dog from a seller privately, then you may wish to arrange a visit with your children so that you can see how the dog interacts with them.

You will also need to decide whether your home is suitable for a dog to live in. If you have a large family, then your home may already feel a little cramped. Dogs take up lots of space, not just themselves but also because they will require accessories such as a dog bed, dog toys and plenty of cupboard space for their food.

Dogs require lots of attention and regular walks, so you will need to think about how much time you would be able to commit to your family dog. Some dog breeds can be very needy and will require lots of attention and up to two walks a day. You will need to think about whether there will be someone at home most of the time to watch your dog and let it out of the house when necessary. It is also important to know the basics of dog health. Dogs can be susceptible to flea infestations, so you will need to provide care as and when they need it. As well as visits to the vet, you will need to provide your dog with products such as worming tablets, dog flea treatments and tick remover to help clear up any pest problems.

By taking the time to think about what owing a dog involves, you will have a better chance of selecting a breed that is not only suitable for your home but also one that provides the perfect companion for you and your family.

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People start home-based businesses for different reasons like under-utilization of a skill set or unsuitable work conditions. In some cases, physical limitations make it hard for us to work outside the house. The idea of starting up on your own may seem a little daunting. You may think it would require a substantial financial investment and businesses take time to start generating profit. However, there are plenty of options available to you, should you choose to be creative, work hard and develop a thick skin.

Running home-based businesses is the solution to contributing financially to your family based on your skills, abilities and lifestyle. Here are some home based business ideas to consider:

SEO Consultant

Websites pop up everywhere.  Everyone wants one, but they may not know how to take full advantage of the easy access to customers via online trending. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy is a viable project provided you are willing to put in the time to learn about link building, keyword research, content marketing and how to monitor trends to keep a website updated. In future, this can even be expanded to include long term maintenance contracts.

Pre-owned clothing store

People still have hang-ups about pre-owned clothing, but times are changing and there is a potential market out there for low-priced quality. This requires no financial input from your side because you can be the middle-man between sellers and buyers and only need to pay a share of the revenue to the seller after you receive payment for an item. All you need is a display area, strong community ties and a social media network.

Blogger/Freelance writer

Freelance writing is a great way to kick-start your career at home. You can choose to write about anything from special shopping deals to gardens and rocket science. Ghost writing is one way to go, because bloggers and websites are always in search of quality writers. In addition, a lot of college students outsource essays and assignments, because tough schedules make it difficult to cope with the intense coursework. Contrary to general belief this is quite legal and acceptable for colleges as long as the student’s views are reflected in the submitted work.

Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for fitness and nutrition you could take it to the next level and turn it into a successful home-based business by offering fitness classes at home. You will need a dedicated space in your home (basement, attic or yard). As your network of clients expands, you can start offering personal training sessions, which are likely to be much more profitable. Combine it with a website/blog offering personalized advice and you could have a steady income with minimal investment.

Online Shopping Assistant

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to shop online to save money, for convenience or to take advantage of offers and shopping deals. In order to truly benefit from e-commerce saving strategies, you must keep up-to-date with websites, especially ones that promote coupons and keep you updated on freebies. You could start up a service for your neighborhood where you do the hard work in return for a percentage of the resultant savings.

Home Health Care

This is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. The huge potential for this business lies in the demand for quality home-based health care as opposed to hospitalization. It is not just restricted to the elderly and can include anyone who has sustained an injury or been through a surgery. This may involve investment on your part because you may have to pay for licensing or hire staff but the pay-offs are fast enough for you to recover your finance within a year.

Modern architecture of today has gone through many phases to attain its current look and feel. The styles of buildings nowadays can be described as an intricate combination of modern and early age designs, borrowing the best aspects from both. Interior exposed beams are one of these aspects that have made a significant come back and are being incorporated widely in house designs. Exposed beams essentially mean that the structure and frame of the roof are uncovered. It gives the room a unique, rustic look with ample room for customization. These beams are accessible in many kinds; the classic wooden roof beam, the modern and futuristic metal roof beam and so on. There are numerous combinations that can be selected depending on the angle, such as fish bone structure or half side. Before even thinking about installing beams on the interior of your home, have a team like Quality Exterior Services LLC check the stability and structure of your roof to ensure your home can handle the weight and pressure of beams.

Listed below are some of the most popular designs right now:

1)  Cathedral Style Roof Beam


No need to tax your imagination about this one. As evident from the name, the interior beams for this bedroom design are inspired from ancient cathedrals. Such structures usually have a central beam extending through the length of the room with secondary beams at a slightly downward angle emanating from it. This design is ideal for spacious yet cozy cabin like bedrooms.

2) Barn Style


It is a rustic and plain design, which has two horizontal exposed wooden beams running parallel to each other through the width of the room. Ideal to incorporate in the master bedroom, owing to its spacious design, the barn style will bestow a unique finishing to the bedroom.

3) Unfinished Oak Beam

Unfinished Oak Beam

Rectangular oak beams exposed to the view carry the rustic ambience of this design to the next level. The oak beams are made to look unfinished, but rest assured they are sturdy, safe and strong like any other contemporary exposed beam design.

4) Steel and Wood Combination Beams for the Living Room


This entry is distinctive on the list as it takes you from bedroom beam designs and ventures into the living room for a change. The combination of steel and wooden beams is used to endow the building with not only structural integrity but also pleasant esthetics. Mostly, the wooden beams are joined together with steel plates and bolts, which create a very interesting contrast.

5) Mid- Century Bedroom with Roof Beams


This design is an import from Scandinavia and was first used in that part of the world. The exposed roof beams used here are of solid dark color running horizontally equidistant from each other through the length of the room. As the name suggests, the design dates back to mid century but when used in a modern bedroom of today, it still looks chic and sophisticated endowing a majestic and amazing look.

6) Unfinished Thick Oak Beams Roof for Kitchen


Like entry no. 4 on the list, this entry also earns distinction for itself by venturing into another area of the house i.e. the kitchen. For this instance, the unfinished thick oak beams design for the kitchen roof is made in geometrical shape to provide support to the glass roof residing above it. This design bestows ultra modern outlook to the kitchen.

7) Inserted Steel Framing Beams Roof


A variation of entry no. 4, this design has horizontal exposed wooden beams running through the length of the living room while resting on inserted steel framing for extra support and durability. This style is also ideal for basement rooms owing to its structural strength.

8) Traditional Victorian Bedroom


Hailing from the Victorian era, this bedroom model has exposed beams in a combination of rectangular and horizontal arrangement. The beams are painted to match the color scheme of the room and give it a polished and welcoming look.

So, which roof beam design you liked the most? If you have some extraordinary roof beam structures to share, please do.