You Haven’t Seen It All

The surface area of the Earth is 197 million square miles. If the entire population of the world lived in a city as dense as New York, it would be the size of Texas. Texas is 268,820 square miles. Even if the whole world were in one spot, there would still be 732+ times that area to explore elsewhere. Considering that, when you travel, you must realize that you haven’t seen it all. You haven’t seen near all there is to see, and new discoveries are just waiting on the open road. Not only will you find new cities, towns, attractions, resorts, destinations and adventure as you travel, but it will never be the same again. You read that right. You can spend a year circling the globe on the same road and never have the same experience twice–maybe that’s a reason so many people in modernity have begun to develop the wanderlust? The fact is, communities develop. They transition, they grow, they change. Some get better, some get worse. Old businesses fold, or they expand, or they move. New businesses take their place, or snag a residence right across the street. That’s not to mention political upheaval or neighborhood developments.

To top it all off, the climate changes. People think of forests all wrong; they believe them to be static entities entirely rooted to one spot. That’s for the short term. In the long term, forests migrate with temperate ecology like a lichen over a shady surface. While the lichen can move so far in a year, it may take a forest a decade to do the same, or even a century. But there’s no denying human development actually can have a hand in positive climate change.

Consider a mountain town in Colorado nestled close against the Rockies. Well, as you travel east over the plains, the ecology transitions into desert. But in the older towns who have had time to develop the area over a hundred years or more, temperate climates yield exceptional moisture uncharacteristic to the region. More trees have been planted, and water has been requisitioned to care for hundreds of thousands of people. This has moistened the climate, making it more amenable to vegetation, and thus increasing the vegetation as more humidity facilitates more regular precipitation cycles. Slowly, the forest comes down from the mountain and meets with the forest of man, and the two become a continuous chain.

Undiscovered Coasts

As the world transitions, new discoveries are made every day. The oceans are being tapped because technology is allowing mankind to plumb their depths for secrets the likes of which confound the highest dreams of science fiction aficionados consumed in building space-castles in the air. A great example is Maryland. You can find cheap hotels in Ocean City, MD that are of resort quality. They’re right on the beach, with palm trees nestling near lawn chairs next to a beautiful surf continuously singing songs of adventure in a gentle, softly swaying way. Especially if you’re traveling for a purpose vetted by a crowdfunding platform, you may be able to make travel profitable.

A lot of people forget about the northeast coast. Seattle and Oregon are terribly beautiful, but Maryland, Maine, Rhode Island–there are some picturesque, temperate, humid, beautiful vacation spots all up and down this area. Cheap hotels are easy to find and often have great deals. All you’ve got to do is get out and travel; the wonders you find may blow your mind. Nigh-infinite discovery awaits.

Data is an important piece of information which we save on different storage media like USB, hard drive, CD, DVD, storage tapes, Raid drives, optical media, digital cards etc. There are many ways this data can be deleted or damaged. In our daily routine, we mostly lose our data because of power outage, disk malfunction, virus attack, or by accidently deleting the delete button. The data once deleted can be recovered by many ways. The first thing we need to see if this recovery is possible through operating system or pre-installed software, if not, then we have to go for more sophisticated methods such as using a specialized data recovery software.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are multiple situations in which a hard drive may fail. First it is required to determine the correct cause of hard drive failure; whether it is a logical error or hard drive mechanical failure. Hard drive is a form of magnetic disks or platters with an extended arm that spins over the disk drive. If the hard drive gets overheated or may fall to some other functional error, it collapses completely and data remains inaccessible.

Hard Drive Mechanical Error and Recovery

In hard drive mechanical error, components such as motor, moving hand, heads or platters become faulty, which result in physical damage. You often completely lose the crucial data. In such a situation, technical advice is needed for its recovery. For physical recovery, the best option is to choose a hard disk repair center or get online help from experts. These technicians exploit most up-to-date technology tools such as magnetometers, utilizing the power of magnetic media to recover lost data in the form of bits. These bits when manipulated are used for rebuilding of missing data.

Hard Drive Logical Error and Recovery

In case of hard drive logical failure, there are no physical damages, but registry files are smashed, or there is an accidental deletion of system files. It is also a possibility that repartitioning of the logical drives may be the cause of hard drive’s non-functioning. Besides, there are chances of malware attacks such as Trojans, spyware or other infectious agents that result in file corruption, hence hard drive stops functioning. In case of logical failure, data recovery software programs are fundamentally effective for logical repair because of their ease of installation and user friendly nature. These data recovery software programs often help in case of hard drive formatting, deletion of critical files due to human mistakes, missing directories or boot failure problems. For manual logical recovery, data resurgence manuals are available, which often explain hard drive recovery process in steps. But, it is suggested to consult hard drive mechanics as they are fully adept in fixing hard drive issues.

Data Recovery from Other Storage Media

If you ever have to recover data from a USB drive, Memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player or any other storage media owing to deleting, formatting, software crash, virus attacking, partition loss or other unknown reasons, dedicated data recovery software should be your first choice. You do not need to know how to recover deleted files from memory card, data recovery is done seamlessly. You launch the program, scan your device, preview the lost data and hit the recovery button to retrieve your data. It is just that simple. However, you need to make sure the software is 100% effective, clean and safe.

For people who frequently travel abroad, mobile data roaming is a big issue, as roaming packages differ from country to country and are comparatively expensive. Tethering is another trouble, because some devices don’t allow data connection to be shared with other devices. To save the day, Goodspeed mobile hotspot is available now to provide global wireless internet access at affordable rates.

Goodspeed is a compact device, which works as a 4G router and provides easy internet connection anywhere you go. The device uses mobile network of the country you are currently in and converts the 4G connection into Wi-Fi. You can create a personal WLAN with password protection and give access to 15 other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Goodspeed hotspot device supports up to 10 sim cards, retains a powerful battery with 12 hours usage time and can be connected to multiple devices. The device costs $299.00 and can be bought in any continent around the world. You can also purchase the device for $29.99 on a 24-month contract.

There are 3 basic tariffs offered by Goodspeed; Lite, Pro and Business. For starters, Lite plan is recommended as it costs only $23.99 and offers up to 1 GB mobile data. The Pro and Business plans starts from $7.99 with unlimited destination validity. The price per day of use varies as per your location.

You need a variety of apps to improve your productivity and do things more efficiently. It isn’t always the case that you have to spend a lot of money to increase the efficiency of your Mac OS X system.  Many of the apps mentioned here are free or have a very affordable price. You can take a look at the following 8 best Mac OS X apps for 2016 that are useful and do not cost too much to afford.

Best MAC OS X Apps

1. Pocket

Pocket is an app that you can use to save all your favorite online content including webpages and videos. This allows you to access the content offline in a place that do not have Wi-Fi, for example when you are on a plane or train.

2. Flycut Clipboard Manager

Flycut Clipboard Manager is a clipboard manager based on the Jumpcut open source app. It will automatically save everything that you copy in history so that you can later paste it by pressing the command Shift + Command + V. You can go to the preferences to make changes to the hotkey.

3. Unarchiver

The Unarchiver allows you to unarchived all kinds of archived files and it works better than the default OS X app. It is able to open formats such as Zip, 7 Zip, Bzip2, Bzip2 TAR, RAR, TAR, and Gzip. It can also support old formats such as LZH, ARC and StuffIt. You can see the full list of the supported formats on the homepage. This app can properly encode file names that have foreign characters and open them without any problem.

4. Things to do

Things enables you to become a more organized person by allowing you to manage your to-do tasks. Whenever a to-do come into your mind, you can enter it into your app. With Things, you will find that it is easy for you to fulfill one to-do at a time.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a media player that can play all kinds of media files such as Audio DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs. The VLC Media Player will come in handy when Quicktime Player is not able to open your video file.

6. Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a powerful tool for maintaining your Mac and keeping it in good condition. It can detect and clear away the junk files on your computer so that you can free up more disk spaces. It can find junk files such a caches, and large files and safely delete them. When you launch the Movavi Mac cleaner, it will automatically scan your hard drive for files that you did not use for a long time. After it has scanned your computer, it will let you know what condition your Mac is in and whether it needs cleaning. It will let you know how much spaces these unnecessary files have occupied on your hard drive. In this way, you know the amount of spaces that you can recover after you execute the cleaning process.

Additionally, it can also uninstall the unwanted apps that you are having difficulties uninstalling from your hard disk.  The Uninstaller is a handy tool when you face problem in uninstalling a program from your Mac computer. You can use the Uninstaller to uninstall any program that is installed on your Mac system. The Uninstaller can scan 3 types of apps on your computer including User Apps, OS X apps and Leftovers. To uninstall an app, you simply select it with your mouse cursor and press the Remove button.

7. Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 is used for recovering files that you lost when there is a crash on your Mac system, files corruption or you accidentally formatted the hard disk. It can help you to recover all kinds of files including photos, videos and documents.

8. Libre Office

Libre Office is an office suite that come with a word processor, excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation. The best part is that it is an open source software so it is free for you download. It supports a large variety of file formats and is able to open drawings that you have created by using apps such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office and Quattro Pro.


In conclusion, you can try installing the above apps to improve your productivity for this new year.If you often use your computer, make sure you download the Movavi Mac Cleaner and make use of this tool to clear up your Mac system. Clearing up the Mac will free up a lot of space and reduce the time it takes to startup the computer.

Courier services have come a long way from their humble beginnings of London taxis ferrying parcels to and fro; there is now so much choice in the way we ship internally and externally from the UK. This article takes a look at some of the main ways the industry has used advances in technology to move forward in business.

The Move to Online

Firms such as InXpress use automated online booking systems, single invoicing and single points of contact meaning minimised paperwork, and a streamlined experience for customers.GPS softwaremakes it possible to track deliveriesthrough all stages of the process and keep up to speed with a delivery’s progress.

Social Media

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and individual businesses’ web-based instant messaging are being increasingly utilised for customer-business dialogue. It is usual practice for the courier themselves to have a handheld device such as a tablet pc or a smartphone kitted out with the technology for tracking and communication with the client. This‘one-channel’ approach to a firm’s online presence and practical tracking ensures ease of communication which in turn promotes client satisfaction as they are able to contact the courier at all times.

Greener Vehicles

As a partial reaction to the rise in fuel prices, many courier firms are choosing to go greener, making pledges to reduce emissions of CO2. The Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO) report that emissions have been reduced as a reaction to a rise in fuel prices, congestion charges,and increasing governmental pressure to diminish the output of greenhouse gases across many businesses. The VW scandalhas prompted manufacturing firms to be more conscious of their carbon footprint and attend to the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly transport. The most frequently used alternatives to outdated and fuel-inefficient vans in the courier industryare hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid vans

Ideal for stop-start nature of inner city delivery. The government has incentivised the use of electric and plug-in cars with introducing a grant scheme. To find out more information about hybrid vehicles, try this site.

Finally: Courier Technology for the Future

It’s impossible to talk about the future of the courier service without mentioning the beginnings of drone technology. Moving ahead, it doesn’t look too long before drone tech is rolled out for mass use, with a number of companies across the globe using the technology in trials including flying delivery drones and ground-based drones. This is an exciting prospect for the courier industry and could mean revolutionary change. Find out more about developments here.

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The work pace at restaurants can be frantic. Many workers have many areas of responsibility and have to juggle those tasks quickly. Sometimes, it’s the customer that feels the crunch. After all, they have to wait for an available hostess to seat them, wait for a server to take their order, wait for the food, and eventually wait to pay so that they can leave. Restaurant owners may find it tricky to balance quality service with the need to make a profit. In this modern world where so many people are using their smartphones in most areas of their lives, it just makes sense that a new app could be the solution.

The Tasty Fruits of Tabletop Technology

In fact, some restaurants have already made the switch to self-service tabletop ordering systems from vendors like Buzztime and others are hoping to make the transition. There are several important benefits available to the restaurants. These include reducing the wait time for the customer: ordering food and paying the bill without a wait. This, in turn, frees the server to provide quality time with the customers, also leading to improvements in customer service. So far, servers are seeing higher tips as well; the tabletop device can figure the appropriate amount of tip for the customer. The benefits continue significantly behind the scenes. Information can be gathered about customer feedback, real-time statistics, and analytics. Restaurant owners and customers value the digital menu. This can be changed as needed to show current selections and promotions.

Adjustments to the Recipe

There are some concerns with tabletop ordering. For example, some restaurants started out by offering their own hastily-written apps. Customers had to download and sync these before using them. This posed a problem of inconvenience for many customers and the apps weren’t used often. When restaurants did chose to provide tablets at the table, there were problems with theft, spills, and the consistent need to recharge the device. Emerging technology has provided answers to these dilemmas. Many of the tablets available now are waterproof. Games are sometimes provided to ease the customers’ impatience. Games or even news entertains customers between sending their orders and digging into their meals. Anti-theft measures have been put into place.

Eating the Cake and Getting One to Go

Those larger restaurants already using the technology are enjoying increased profits in a number of ways. The default setting for tips leads to increases on the average server’s paycheck. Some restaurants have seen a rise in the numbers of desserts being ordered. This also true for orders of appetizers and coffee. Restaurant owners are recognizing the potential in tabletop ordering. As they have the means to invest in a quality system, there’s a good chance that this trend will really take off. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a customer, your next dining-out experience may have a more digital feel.

There is a good list of companies that offer dedicated server services, but how will know that you are choosing the right hosting dedicated server? Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the right web hosting company.

What to look for in a hosting dedicated server company

  1. Ask if the dedicated server company hosts Linux and Windows and inquire on what server is right for your company’s web hosting needs. To give you an overview, Linux, a derivative of UNIX, is a popular option than Windows. Linux has a good reputation in terms of speed, reliability, and security, but Windows has its advantages too. Windows is known for its power and it has better flexibility than Linux. In terms of cost, hosting in Windows might be a little expensive than Linux. So, understand the advantages and features of both and decide what hosting dedicated server you would go for.
  2. Before choosing the web hosting package with a high RAM and CPU capacity, determine first your need for it. If you are managing a static website, or  a brochure type of website with minimal changes and movement, then your RAM and CPU requirement will be less. But if your website generates high traffic, with forums and regular updates, you will need a higher RAM and CPU. So, determining the RAM and CPU requirements would really depend on how demanding your website is.
  3. The bandwidth is another consideration when selecting the best hosting dedicated server. Regular and high movement of the website can require higher bandwidth usage. Again, it depends on how you intend to use your site. Case in point, if your site uses lots of graphics and other multimedia postings, then higher bandwidth use can be expected. More so, 50GB is usually the bandwidth allowance per month and if your site is static or has little movement, the 50GB is more than enough. But if you are running a selling website, then the 50GB can be easily used up. Simply put, the bandwidth requirements of your site will have an effect on your web hosting budget.

Now that you know the basic information to ask, the next question is, ‘Do you really need a hosting dedicated server? If you are running an internet-based company, or even a traditional company with a website, would you need a dedicated server? Would you hire an expert to take care and run the online component of your business? If yes, then you will need a dedicated server to take the responsibility of managing the maintenance of your website off your hands. But if you have a team member who knows and understand dedicated server, then you can manage the server yourself.

It is to note, however, that server management of web hosting services are done by IT professionals. Hence, they are a specialized job by trained IT people. But if you want your business to have its own server management, then get ready to prepare for manpower development. Simply put, you must invest in time, effort, and money, especially that web hosting job take lots of hands-on training to build up the necessary skills. And once you do, you can manage the hosting dedicated server requirements of your company yourself.