Benefits of Incorporating a Courier Services into your SME Business

Benefits of Incorporating a Courier Services into your SME Business
21 Dec 2015

With the high street faltering, small business owners may have to switch their focus to the web in order to survive. Online retail sales are expected to reach £52.25bn this year. This means that over 15% of all retail sales now come from the web with the average British household spending almost £1,200 a year. In order for all of this to function, small businesses are becoming more dependent on third-party courier services. Here are just some of the benefits they can offer.

Cut Unnecessary Costs

You’ll find that many couriers operate on a flat rate basis or even a pricing per mile scheme. When compared with traditional postal offices or even setting up your own solution, third-party courier services are almost always the most cost-effective option. Simple economies of scale dictates that working with hundreds, if not thousands, of other companies enables you to better maximize your Return on investment (ROI) on equipment and staff. They can then pass those savings onto you to ensure they stay competitive in the market.

Increase Your Efficiency

Small businesses will not only benefit from reduced fees however, another major reason entrepreneurs opt for courier services is the increased speed of delivery. When compared with national options or operating a fleet of your own delivery vehicles, courier services are much more efficient. Many can even offer next-day or same-day delivery services. These excel by cutting out as many unnecessary processes as possible. Rather than wasting valuable time idling in a sorting office, you can stay rest assured that the only changing of hands your parcel will make is with the final recipient.

Improve Company Relations

Courier services don’t only benefit business to consumer operations either. They can also prove to be a great benefit to business to business relationships. If you need to send any vital documentation or product samples to another company, business-grade couriers like TNT Direct offer full-insurance and can a ensure a safe delivery of your goods. If you’re dealing with an overseas partner, they can also help to make sure they pass through any customs and security controls without any issues.

Making the transition into a company primarily focused on online retail sales can be difficult. You’ll need to factor in how some of your expenses will change. While shipping and storage fees will likely rise, you can expect to save money by reducing your overhead on rent and utilities.



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