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Stress has become such a natural part of our lives for as long as we can remember that the idea of living a more restful life rarely, if ever, occurs to us. If it does, we dismiss it as impractical and carry on stressing ourselves out until a health crisis serves as a wake-up call.

The interesting thing about this problem of being too busy for our own good is that it’s an imaginary one. It’s both practical and possible to lead a more restful life without things falling apart due to our lack of attention.

Moreover, there is no correlation between pursing a restful life and laziness or loss of ambition. In fact, doing things with a greater sense of equanimity is a much more realistic way to experience more joy and success.

Here are 6 suggestions on how to drastically reduce the agitation and confusion in our lives and master the art of living.

1. Resolve long-standing difficult problems.

One reason we stress ourselves out is because we are using busyness to hide from our inner pain. For instance, a man might become a workaholic, not because of necessity or a desire for increased wealth, but because it’s a simple way to distract himself with business problems. While this might be an effective strategy to hide from angst, a much healthier alternative would be to get clinical help by researching substance abuse programs for men. Other forms of inner pain might be financial struggles, marital conflicts, or post-traumatic disorder from the past. Regardless of the problem, it’s important to get help from a professional who can help us put the problem behind us.

2. Create more personal time.

We all need some personal time to unwind. For instance, working parents who are raising small children may find themselves busy at home, as well. In this situation, one solution might be for them to hire a nanny so that they can have the night off. Regardless of the reason why we have no personal time, it’s important to find ways to either drop some activities or delegate the work to someone else.

3. Find more time to socialize.

Sometimes we may be out of sorts simply because we are feeling lonely and isolated. This can be particularly true if we are single. One way to get back into a good mood and to enjoy life more is to go out with friends more often.

4. Create a more predictable daily routine.

Sleep is essential for well-being. By staying up late and getting up early, you start the day tired and then feel energized by the time you should be going to bed. A much more sensible way of staying balanced is to go to bed earlier and then wake up earlier. This is particularly helpful if your mornings tend to be disorganized. By making plans the night before and getting up early enough to get a jump start on the day, it’s easier to have a sense of balance.

5. Follow a healthy lifestyle.

It’s difficult to be calm and even-minded when you are wrestling with health issues or simply suffering from fatigue, aches and pains. By following a healthy lifestyle, it’s easier to mitigate or resolve health challenges. A healthy lifestyle consists of eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

6. Become more organized.

While there are many productivity apps and techniques you could use to stay on top of everything so that you are less stressed, one simple method is to make lists of everything you need to do and then cross it off as you complete them. You can prioritize the list by using the ABCDE method. Mark a list item “A” if it is something urgent that must be done. Mark a list item “B” if it’s something important that should be done if you get the time. Mark a list item “C” if it is something that would be nice to do if you get the time. Mark a list item “D” if it is something that can be delegated. And mark a list item “E” if it is something that can be eliminated.

You’ll notice that these six strategies will not make you less productive, but in fact will make you more productive with far less stress. When you reduce your level of stress, your sense of free-floating anxiety will also diminish and you will start to feel better about yourself and your life.

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