Data is an important piece of information which we save on different storage media like USB, hard drive, CD, DVD, storage tapes, Raid drives, optical media, digital cards etc. There are many ways this data can be deleted or damaged. In our daily routine, we mostly lose our data because of power outage, disk malfunction, virus attack, or by accidently deleting the delete button. The data once deleted can be recovered by many ways. The first thing we need to see if this recovery is possible through operating system or pre-installed software, if not, then we have to go for more sophisticated methods such as using a specialized data recovery software.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are multiple situations in which a hard drive may fail. First it is required to determine the correct cause of hard drive failure; whether it is a logical error or hard drive mechanical failure. Hard drive is a form of magnetic disks or platters with an extended arm that spins over the disk drive. If the hard drive gets overheated or may fall to some other functional error, it collapses completely and data remains inaccessible.

Hard Drive Mechanical Error and Recovery

In hard drive mechanical error, components such as motor, moving hand, heads or platters become faulty, which result in physical damage. You often completely lose the crucial data. In such a situation, technical advice is needed for its recovery. For physical recovery, the best option is to choose a hard disk repair center or get online help from experts. These technicians exploit most up-to-date technology tools such as magnetometers, utilizing the power of magnetic media to recover lost data in the form of bits. These bits when manipulated are used for rebuilding of missing data.

Hard Drive Logical Error and Recovery

In case of hard drive logical failure, there are no physical damages, but registry files are smashed, or there is an accidental deletion of system files. It is also a possibility that repartitioning of the logical drives may be the cause of hard drive’s non-functioning. Besides, there are chances of malware attacks such as Trojans, spyware or other infectious agents that result in file corruption, hence hard drive stops functioning. In case of logical failure, data recovery software programs are fundamentally effective for logical repair because of their ease of installation and user friendly nature. These data recovery software programs often help in case of hard drive formatting, deletion of critical files due to human mistakes, missing directories or boot failure problems. For manual logical recovery, data resurgence manuals are available, which often explain hard drive recovery process in steps. But, it is suggested to consult hard drive mechanics as they are fully adept in fixing hard drive issues.

Data Recovery from Other Storage Media

If you ever have to recover data from a USB drive, Memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player or any other storage media owing to deleting, formatting, software crash, virus attacking, partition loss or other unknown reasons, dedicated data recovery software should be your first choice. You do not need to know how to recover deleted files from memory card, data recovery is done seamlessly. You launch the program, scan your device, preview the lost data and hit the recovery button to retrieve your data. It is just that simple. However, you need to make sure the software is 100% effective, clean and safe.


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