Different states have different approaches and legislation towards monitoring their employees’ activities during office hours. But, it is a fact that every employer has the right to monitor that his time and assets are not being wasted away for anything. Equally true is the aspect that employees also have the right to enjoy their privacy freely. So, the only way to handle this issue is to monitor your employees after their consent and with the digital software acceptable to all.

Followings are the characteristic features a monitoring digital software must have in order to be successful at all levels. A lot of companies are there in the market with their excellent monitoring software programs. You may also visit https://librestream.com/products/onsight-flow/ or somewhere else for this purpose.

1. Fulfilling the basic requirements of the employer generally

The foremost ability of an ideal small business employee monitoring digital software should be to help you manage and impose your acceptable use policy without wasting your precious time. It should also have a business internet filter to track user profiles with time limits. Besides, your software must be able to block sites with no classified content at yet with the help of real-time threat detection. In the end, you must get the information about the supporting employee devices monitoring their mobile activities as well.

2. Having excellent blocking, monitoring, and tracking features

Your business internet software must be able to block disruptive sites. It should also create customized permissions only for specific groups. This way it will help your business increase its productivity. Moreover, if you want to keep a check on the time your employees use the internet and surf various sites, your software must support you in this connection as well.

Additionally, it must be able to track the specific areas of computer activity like downloaded and created files. Besides, online chats, emails, logs of the websites visited, keystrokes must also include. Inserted devices along with their physical locations should be tracked while they were on your office devices. To cover all these tasks, it is very good if your software is equipped with customized features. In this way, you may keep a record of whatever and how much of it you want.

3. Sending reports and notifications

Your excellent software must have the ability to send you regular reports with visual breakdowns of employees’ habits and easy-to-read statistics. In order to manage fully detailed information, you must receive extensive notifications. You must get them along with the control over when and how you need to be alerted. For example, you must be notified as soon as any of your employees download a document online or accesses a forbidden website.

By serving you in both the ways namely through reports and notification alerts, your digital monitoring software will prove a real asset for the uplift of your business.

4. Providing archive storage

Keeping a good record of your traveling schedule verbally or orally in your mind is almost impossible. So, it will be nice if you click here to get your tours and visits digitally scheduled for your comfort. Ideal monitoring software must be able to archive storage automatically. This is required if you happen to travel a lot and want to control your network and employees remotely. You must have remote access to your internet filter data, for you may need it anywhere at any time. You may have to explore the internet history of any employee all at once.

It will be best if your software is able to record what your employees search online and take screenshots of their monitors. This data will support your claims remarkably if you ever happen to go in litigation against any of your disgruntled employees. Automatic archiving saves you from a number of hectic situations and panics. This is possible just if your web-monitoring software is efficient enough to be loaded with it.

5. Ensuring ease of use and support

You must always get the feeling that your internet filter software is very intuitive to use and never leaves you in the lurch. It provides answers to all your questions. Its built-in program is equipped with visually appealing interfaces, laying out all your options clearly without the foggiest touch of being cluttered or overburdened. Moreover, with the help of this wonderful software. You must be able to grasp all your monitoring options lying only at a few clicks away.

Additionally, if you happen to get stuck with an issue at all, you should have the support of a number of options to solve it. These may include emailing, phone calls, live chatting, online ticketing, etc. The best among these is live chatting as it ensures the quickest way to connect with a cooperative representative.

In the end, it is also advisable to select a well-reputed company with gracious after-sale support for your software. Such a company never charges you anything extra for the ongoing upgrades and support after the first year. You may require the support of the manufacturer at any time. So, it will be wonderful if your software company has extensive self-help resources on its websites such as FAQ pages, how-to guides, and video tutorials.


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