I love my car, but I hate how expensive it’s become. I’m sure there are plenty of car owners that feel the same way. It’s just not acceptable for a vehicle to take up almost a quarter of your monthly paycheck. But it does, through expensive insurance, petrol, and maintenance. All of these costs add up to the point where you begin to think the horror of public transport might be bearable after all. But before you reach that conclusion, there are some ways to cut down costs. If you follow these tips, you should find the price of your vehicle is a lot easier to handle.

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Saving Fuel:

If you think you can save fuel by finding the cheapest gas station sadly, you’re wrong. The issue with this mentality is that you’ve used more fuel driving to a place that offers cheaper fuel. See the problem? You’ll never save more than what you spend. Luckily, there’s another way to cut fuel costs, and that’s to alter your driving habits. I learned this trick watching Top Gear and believe it or not; it does work. You just need to brake less and reduce how hard you brake. It might sound dangerous, but it isn’t. Instead of braking at the last minute, start earlier. You’ll put less pressure on your brakes, and it will take a lower amount of power to bring the car to a halt. Ultimately, you’ll lose less fuel. Making more gear changes than you need is another way you’re being an inefficient driver if you have a manual car.

Saving Fuel
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Cut Insurance Costs:

Insurance is tricky because there are plenty of issues that can affect your premium. For instance, you might live in an area that has high crime rates. If that’s the case your insurance level is always going to be higher. Insurance sellers play the odds, and that’s what you need to be prepared for. On the other hand, there are also ways you can reduce insurance. Make sure that you do keep your car locked up at night. Or at the very least, off the street. If you can’t do this, then try getting extra safety equipment for your car. If you shop with Belairdirect for car insurance, you’ll find they offer better deals of extra safety features. They are not the only seller that provides this possibility. You just need to explore the market.

Cut Insurance Costs
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Low Maintenance:

Don’t you just hate it when you find out that a maintenance issue with your vehicle is going to cost a fortune? I know I do, and that’s why I work to avoid them. Again, you can do this by altering how you drive. Riding the clutch is going to burn it out faster. It’s going to make it more likely you need to replace the clutch before you buy a new car. Wheels are another maintenance issue, and again braking plays a part. If you brake too hard, you’ll burn out the tires faster. Taking care of your car won’t just benefit the health of the vehicle. It will keep your bank account healthy too!

Low Maintenance
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