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Technology has played a vital role in getting us where we are today and has affected all aspects of life. Business is no different in this regard; the current literacy rate shows that almost 95 percent of the consumers are aware of the e-commerce and its perks, while 51% of Americans Shop online. Rather than wandering into markets and buying commodities, they prefer to buy accessories and necessities off the internet shelves with plastic money rather than using real money; which is safer. If you’re still doing business from a conventional brick and mortar store; then it’s time to upgrade and join the competition.

Here is an easy guide for you to get your business online.

Going Plastic:

The first step to take is to start accepting plastic money, i.e. Credit/Debit cards. You can do this by opening a merchant account. A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept money in multiple ways. Commonly a merchant account lets you receive money by the means of credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. Some companies also offer to receive payments by Gift Cards, Discount Cards and Loyalty Cards.

Go with the Flow:

Go with the latest trends and use the equipment to suit it. You can use a new Clover POS to organize your business. A Clover Station POS is effective, fast and gives the impression of secure and futuristic shopping to the customer. The new generation of customers is all about carrying less; that means lesser than credit cards too. You will need a point of sale that can accept payments via NFC, Android Pay and Apple Pay to lure the youth.

Bricks and Clicks:

If you’re also thinking about running an e-store then, you should definitely learn about Payment Gateways. Payment gateway or credit card payment gateway is an e-commerce application administered by merchant service providers to authorize and process credit card and direct payments for your business. You may use a payment gateway with an integrated virtual shopping cart. A virtual shopping cart is very helpful to customers as they can select multiple items and decide later which ones they want to purchase.

Be Systematic:

You should start with a Competitive Landscape Analysis; it means to research and distinguish your online presence from the competition online. Other than that, you should hire a professional and experienced web site developer for web development as the design and navigation of the web site matters massively to the customers. You should also keep in mind to develop a marketing plan that should contain publishing customer service policies. Customer service policies are very important to outline the best procedures to handle and process the customer complaints as well as other positive and negative feedback.

These are a few tips for you to get the most out of your business, if you want more help, you can read these helpful lessons from e-commerce businesses to benefit from.

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