Easy Guide to Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Easy Guide to Movavi Screen Capture Studio
13 Apr 2017

Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is an indispensable tool for people to use in recording various types of screencast videos. Teachers can use the software to record educational videos to help students understand the subjects that they teach. It can be used to give a tour on the features of a particular software. You can also use it to create a video gameplay tutorial to teach newbies how to play the game.

If you like to watch online movies but don’t always have internet access, you can use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record the movies so that you can watch it offline. The screen capture software is also suitable for recording the video calls conducted over Skype or other instant messengers.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio can be downloaded from the download page at the official Movavi site. After downloading the program, you must run the setup and install it on your computer. Now, you must locate the icon on the desktop and click on it to launch it. Upon launching, the first thing that you will see is the large crosshair cursor. The crosshair cursor is primarily used for selecting the area that you want to record on the monitor screen. It will draw an orange border over anything that can be selected.
The crosshair cursor can automatically select a browser window, open application, and online video player.

If you want to make a custom selection on anywhere on the desktop, you simply put the crosshair cursor on an empty space on the desktop and a recording frame with orange border will appear. To resize the recording frame, you can drag the corner of the border or choose one of the presets from the Capture Area drop down menu. From the control panel, you can tweak all the necessary settings for your screen recording. The webcam button, when enabled, will show a small square of your face as recorded through your webcam on the lower right corner of the screencast video. In this way, people will be able to watch the screencast video you make and your face as recorded on the webcam.

The system audio feature is used for recording audio sources such as speakers or other audio devices connected to the computer. Movavi HD screen recorder gives users the ability to adjust the volume level of the speakers in the screen recording. The microphone feature can be enabled if you want to include your own voice recording in the video. You can navigate to settings > preferences to adjust the frame rate of the video. The frame rate value can be anywhere in between 5 – 60 fps. Adjusting the frame rate will make changes to the video quality. Higher frame rate gives you higher video quality while lower frame rate will reduce the video quality.

Pressing the REC button will start the countdown timer of 5 seconds. The actual recording session will take place at the end of the 5 seconds countdown timer. When the screen recording is finished, you can press the Stop button to stop the recording session. Finally, you can click the Save As to give the video a name and save it in your preferred format. You can click the upload as button to quickly upload the video to places like YouTube and Vimeo.


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