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Eating Weed | Choose the Best THC Edible

15 states have legalized recreational marijuana. On top of that, a growing number of states have already legalized the medical use of marijuana. If you’re reading this, chances are that you want to dip your toes into recreational use but might not know exactly where to start. Here are the things that you must know for the best eating weed.

Maybe you’re not a fan of smoking weed and want to be more discreet while getting high, or maybe you just want to try a new way of consuming THC. No matter what, there is a weed edible for everyone.

When it comes to THC edibles, the demand has grown massively due to legalization across the country. Because of this, there are many ways of eating weed, from baked goods to prepackaged drinks. But where should you start on your edible journey?

Keeping reading this guide to learn the difference between different edibles and find out the best edible for your needs.

Know The Difference Between THC and CBD

Before we get into the different types of edibles and finding the best edibles for your lifestyle, we first need to learn the difference between the two compounds found in Cannabis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds are both found in the Cannabis (marijuana) plants. So, what exactly is the difference?

THC is responsible for the psycho-sensation of being high. Think of the giggling, laughing, sense of euphoria usually shown on TV when characters get high; that’s the THC at work.

CBD will not get you mentally high but can induce feelings of relaxation and pain reduction in the body. Many people take non-THC edibles to get the bodily feelings of being high without the mental high that comes with it.

When purchasing THC edibles, you may notice there will be a ratio of THC to CBD. This is because the ratio will determine the type of high you get. Higher ratios of THC to CBD will cause a more psychoactive high, while higher ratios of CBD to THC can be used for general pain management and reducing anxiety and depression.

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Difference of THC Weed

Different THC Strains and Their Effects

Even if your eating edibles and not smoking weed, it is important to know the two species of marijuana plants. Typically on edible packaging, it will be labeled as Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid.

Products labeled Sativa are better used during the day as they give you more of a head high. Sativa strains can also inspire feelings of creativity and giddiness.

Indica strains are categorized as being better for nighttime, as they relax the body and the brain. Where Sativa gives you a head high, Indica creates a body high. These strains can help you fall asleep for the night or relax after a long day at work.

Want a combination of both feelings? Hybrid strains are extremely common. However, this is where you need to pay attention to CBD: THC ratios as well as read reviews of the effects of specific strains or edibles. You don’t want to go into an edible thinking it’s going to help you sleep when it leaves you wired the whole night.

THC  Strains

The Difference Between Eating Weed and Smoking Weed

While it’s the same plant, there is a big difference between eating weed and smoking it. For starters, the high when smoking weed comes on quicker than eating edibles. Not only that but with edibles, it’s usually a one-hit thing; you take your edible and wait.

With smoking, you can stop and evaluate how high you are before you take another hit.

The one big advantage of edibles is how easy they are, though, since you don’t have to take a few hits to get your desired high. Just eat the one gummy and you’ll be good to go.

Another big draw to edibles is that you won’t damage your lungs with smoking. Not to mention, edibles are painless. There’s no uncomfortable coughing after each hit when you take an edible.

Eating And Smoking Weed

Finding the Correct Dosage for You

We established that unlike smoking weed, edibles are a one-and-done thing. An important step before diving into taking an edible is figuring out what the proper dosage is for you. This is dependent on a few factors including:

  • whether or not you already consume THC/CBD products regular, either by smoking, vaping, or edibles
  • your height and weight
  • how high you want to get in the moment

In most scenarios, THC edible newbies should start with a small dosage, somewhere around 2.5mg to 5mg. No matter what, always pay attention to how many milligrams of product is in the edible, and don’t be afraid to cut an edible in half if you need to.

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Take Dosage According To Doctor

Different Ways of Eating Weed and THC

There are so many ways of eating weed, and options keep expanding as recreational weed becomes legal in more places. There is even a range of edible potencies, spanning from microdoses (2.5 mg) to bigger doses for experienced weed connoisseur (20mg).

Whether you want a sweet treat, a refreshing drink, or a savory snack, there is an edible for you.


Gummies are one of the most popular ways of eating weed and THC. They can come in many fruity flavors like watermelon or raspberry. As well as different strengths and THC strains. Gummy edibles can range from being 5mg to 25mg or higher apiece, so choose wisely.

Chocolates and Truffles

Chocolate edibles can take the form of chocolate bars. This is convenient because usually, manufacturers specify how many milligrams per square of the bar, so you can customize how much you want to take.

You can also get individually wrapped chocolate truffles for a melt-in-your-mouth treat. These edibles will also specify the dosage per truffle. The only inconvenient aspect of chocolate edibles is that in warmer temperatures, they can and will melt, so proper storage is essential.

Hard Candy and Lollipops

Remember lollipops from childhood? Well, now you can live in the feelings of nostalgia while also getting high.

If you want to be able to savor your edible experience for a longer time than just chewing up one gummy edible, then a hard candy or lollipop might be the one for you. Most lollipops come in classic childhood flavors like cherry and grape.

Gum and Mints

Want to be even more discreet? Edibles even come in a range of gum and mints.

THC mints can also come in low doses so you can take the edge off your day while still being able to function.


Did you know that you can drink THC and CBD? Also known as “drinkables,” pre-packaged marijuana-infused rinks have grown in popularity. There are even drinks with hemp-derived CBD that are legal in a majority of the country.

THC drinks range from sparkling waters, lemonades, to more traditional sodas. Drinkable THC can be a great alternative to alcohol. One of the perks of THC drinks is that you get high a little bit quicker than traditional edibles.

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THC Cookies And Other Baked Goods

One of the most popular edible troupes is the “special” brownie. Nowadays, bakers and stoners alike have expanded the range of baked-THC-infused goods. 

Most dispensaries sell packs of cookies or single-serving brownies. But be careful and pay attention to the dosage before stuffing your face. Some brownies can pack a punch of 100mg in a small package. Cookies that come in a package, on the other hand, tend to be 10mg per cookie.

Savory Snacks

While a majority of edibles lean towards your sweet tooth, there are savory THC snacks. Chips, peanut butter, jerky, soup; The possibilities are endless!

Many have even made complete meals of edibles, all it requires is a little research and some imagination.


Honestly, anything can be a weed edible if you want it to be. Most dispensaries sell THC tinctures. Tinctures are filled with THC oil and the dropper inside allows you to measure your exact dosage.

You can use the dropper with THC oil to add THC to drinks, like coffee or tea, or even just in your everyday food. The best part? You can make your edible as strong as you want it to be!

DIY/Homemade Edibles

If you want to get fancy, you can always make your edibles from scratch. This process is a little more time-consuming, requires some baking skills, and may be better suited for the experienced edible consumer.

Basically, you need to create weed-infused butter (or cannabutter) to use in whatever baked goods you create. Popular homemade edibles include brownies, cookies, and cupcakes.

How Long Edible Effects Last

The high from THC edibles last quite a bit longer than the high from smoking weed. Not only does it last longer, but the full effects take longer to kick in.

After eating an edible, you can expect to wait anywhere from a half-hour to 2 hours for the high to take effect. This is important to remember, as you don’t want to accidentally eat more than needed because you aren’t feeling high immediately.

Once you start feeling high though, buckle up, since the high from edibles typically lasts 6 or more hours with the peak of the high being three hours in. Make sure you plan for the day or night ahead to account for the long high.

Tips for Your First Time Doing Edibles

When you first try edibles, remember to start low and go slow. This means start with a low dosage and don’t take any more than that within hours of the first dose. This avoids the uncomfortableness of getting too high and not being able to do anything.

If you follow this general rule of thumb, you might not get as high as you want to (or at all) the first you do edibles. That’s okay. Now you know the next time you do edibles that your body can handle a higher dose.

If you accidentally take too much and get too high, try to breathe through it. Lay down in a safe space. Know that the feeling will pass and you’ll be okay, but let’s try to avoid that.

For the best results, don’t take your edible on an empty stomach, even if you plan to have a munchie-fest later as this will cause nausea and might ruin your experience. If you have any doubts, try to make sure someone knows you are trying edibles for the first time just in case anything goes wrongs.

Still Unsure of What Edibles To Try?

Walking into a dispensary can be overwhelming. There are various brands, strands, and doses. When in doubt, try asking an employee (either in-person over the phone) what they recommend since they’re familiar with the shop.

If you’re shopping online, you can always contact customer service or even research reviews of the brand. Worst case scenario: you try it (safely), you don’t like it, and then you try something else.

Time to Shop For Edibles!

Alright, now you know all the basics of eating weed, from the difference between THC and CBD, Sativa and Indica, to all the options you have when it comes to THC edibles. You are plenty ready to take an edible. Just remember: go low and slow the first time.

Whether you choose a brownie, a drink, or a classic gummy, remember this guide to ensure that you have a good time and a good high.

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Eating Weed
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