The key to any sales operation is having people on your sales team who can relate to your niche market. Although car-buying tends to be a male-dominated practice, women are car buyers too, and they aren’t completely satisfied the way their needs are being met or represented in a car-buying industry that has a masculine face.

Female Sales Force

Women differ from men in many ways, including their preferred shopping methods and the type of sales tactics that they are comfortable with. The high-pressure tactics of negotiation might not be something that they necessarily enjoy, especially when they feel like they are the “odd man out,” so to speak.

Just like some other occupations in the workforce, aspirations to be the best car salesperson is not as high on women’s priority list, perhaps because they don’t see how they can compete in such a testosterone-fueled atmosphere. But what many dealerships are starting to recognize is if you leave out half of the population when you target car sales, then you are losing out on income and bottom line potential.

There is no doubt that ways to incentivize women to buy cars is quite different than incentivizing men. If you don’t address those differences, then you aren’t maximizing your car dealership’s potential. Having a saleswoman who understands the needs and concerns of female clients is integral to beating out the competition and addressing the entire car-buying market, instead of just 50% of it.

According to statistics, women make up only about 19% of the car sales force. Making matters worse, their turnover rate is about as much as 88% per year according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. That means that they just don’t feel any benefit from selling cars. What that also means is that those who are looking to negotiate on different terms than the “male-dominated” method when buying a car are fresh out of luck.

If you want to increase your sales and cover all your consumer bases, then you will want to make sure not to exclude a huge segment of the market by only hiring and retaining male salespeople. When surveyed, even those women who consider entering the car dealership Langley sales community believe that the recruitment rate for females is next to nothing. If they are not feeling valued, they believe their sales abilities are best served elsewhere, which is leaving dealerships “saleswoman-poor.”

Even worse, those who have tried their hand at selling cars in a male-dominated industry believe that they have been discriminated against, belittled, and not promoted regardless of the job they have done. Gender bias, apparently whether real or not, is the presumption of women who want to make money in the dealership sales industry.

According to employers, the biggest hurdle to retaining women in the female sales force is the demanding hours and unpredictability of scheduling. Most women don’t have flexibility in scheduling when they have families and other obligations. That might be a small hurdle to overcome, but dealerships wishing to corner the market and looking for better representation for their client base should see the value in working to accommodate the needs of the female sales force for their own betterment.

There are many ways to compensate the gender needs for car salespeople when you run and operate a dealership. A huge mistake is thinking that an all-male sales force is representing your niche market completely. Women often feel less pressure, more understanding, and don’t feel as if they are being “worked over” when dealing with women instead of salesmen.

If you want to increase your sales and make sure to have the highest customer satisfaction possible, then hiring women to be a driving force in your dealership is a good idea. The small accommodations necessary are far exceeded by the huge benefits that you are likely to reap. Women salespeople are integral to make sure that your dealership is addressing the needs of all of your clients. Fostering gender equality in your workplace improves both your sales force’s attitudes and your clients’ satisfaction all in one. Car dealerships in Langley area are dedicated to addressing the concerns of all buyers regardless of gender. They value each customer and seek to provide a positive car-buying experience.


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