Are You Ready For Your First Off-Road Experience?

Are You Ready For Your First Off-Road Experience?
13 Jun 2017

It’s amazing how many SUVs and 4x4s you see on the nation’s road these days – they are everywhere. But if you were to ask the vast majority of SUV or truck owners if they have ever taken their precious vehicle off-road, the vast majority would reply with a negative response.

And there’s a good reason why. While off-roading can be fantastic fun, it’s also incredibly dangerous. And the SUVs and some of the 4x4s you buy these days just don’t have what it takes to survive an off-road experience.

First Off-Road Experience

With all this in mind, we thought we would put together a few guidelines for newcomers to the off-roading scene. Read on to find out more about the perfect vehicle, the upgrades you might need, and how to stay safe when off-roading. Let’s get started with the absolute basics.

The Right Vehicle

As we mentioned above, you can’t take any old car off the road without some serious upgrades. Your average SUV won’t last five minutes, so the choice of car you make right at the beginning is critical. Your best bet is to go for a 4×4 purpose built truck straight away unless you want to spend a fortune on making changes. Also, don’t forget that if you do buy an off-road vehicle, keep it for use off-road. These cars are built for that specific purpose and as such use a lot of power. Ultimately, if you are driving an off-road truck on the roads, you will be burning money in gas.

The Best Brands for The Job

Toyota Land Cruiser off-road

There are a whole bunch of monster trucks out there that are perfect for off-roading, but they can be incredibly expensive. The likes of Land Rover are also very popular, but again, if you are going to use your vehicle on the road it will quickly eat up your fuel. Something like a Toyota Land Cruiser might be a good shout to kickstart your interest. They are relatively cheap, have a good level of depreciation, and are an excellent entry point for beginners.

The Upgrades you Need

There are a huge range of mods and upgrades you might need for your vehicle if you want to take it off the road.There’s plenty of info online at stores like, or you can check our blog post on the off-road mods that your vehicle needs. Adjustments to your suspension might be a must, as will swapping your tires to something tougher, more durable, and with a lot more grip for slippery, gravelly surfaces.

Safety First

Finally, be wary of safety issues when you take your car off-road, particularly if you plan on traversing considerable distances across rough terrain. Ultimately, if you end up tipping over and having an accident in the middle of nowhere, you could end up in big trouble. It’s also advisable to take someone with you when you are off-roading, even when you have a bit of experience. It can be incredibly tough going, and two pairs of eyes will help you see hazards and potential dangers faster than one. You should also try and keep your speed to a minimum, especially when you are learning about the power of your new vehicle and mods and are unsure of the territory.

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