4 Things You Need to Know About Replacing Furnace Filters

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, or HVAC is one of the most important systems in American homes. Almost every home is equipped with this blessed system fitted by some renowned company. In a country that has diverse and varied climatic conditions, this very system should direly be there in every home. Efficient HVAC defines the comfort and convenience of our homes and also helps families live a healthy and hygienic life. How often furnace filters replacement should take place?

“The cleaner your furnace filters are, the better your HVAC system is”

This is a technical fact that after a reasonable use over a few weeks, furnace filters are subject to high wear-and-tear and their material can be compromised by interactions with various pollutants. They must be replaced timely and efficiently.

Some Fast Facts about the Replacement of Furnace Filters

All heating and cooling systems have filters that help keep the air in your home pure and facilitate open airflow. They gather all the dust and other particulates to prevent them from entering the interior of your home. For these reasons, they must replace regularly. As a responsible and health-conscious homeowner, you should understand why it is important to replace furnace filters.

1. Blocked Filters Affect Heating and Cooling

When the furnace filter blocks, the direct consequence creates substandard air quality in your home, as clogged filters will not adequately purify the air. Blocked filters will also hamper the smooth flow of air and affect the efficiency of your entire heating and cooling system. The whole system may get overheated and burn out itself in a short period of time. The blower, as well as the whole system, will receive an immense amount of pressure and the complete unit may have to face an unanticipated failure. That’s why it is very much advisable to replace the furnace filters as soon as they get dirty. It will be quite right to say that:

“Filters get blocked, the system gets flopped”

2. Impure Air Can Cause Illness and Disease

The basic purpose of an HVAC system is not only to provide your home with efficient heating and cooling but also to ensure healthy and hygienic indoor air quality. A dirty furnace filter loaded with grime and dust is unable to filter dander, dust, and mold from the incoming air. Moreover, it also causes more and more carbon dioxide to circulate in your home. All your family members will have to breathe in this polluted air which can cause serious and major health problems. Moreover, which includes respiratory and lung problems like asthma, throat allergies, cardiac problems like stroke, and even leukemia and birth defects. So, replacing the clogged filters will keep all the contaminants away from your freshly filtered air, making it possible for all the persons to inhale pure air and stay away from dangerous diseases.

“First you are healthy; then anything else.”

3. Dust-filled Filters Reduce HVAC Efficiency

When furnace filters are overstuffed with dust, they exert more pressure on your HVAC system. Causing it to become overworked and inefficient. The extra energy that is needlessly used to continue operation can potentially reduce the lifespan of the entire system. Reduced energy efficiency creates a deeper carbon footprint and higher levels of energy consumption. Therefore, it is much better to replace the blocked filter immediately.

4. Congested Filters Cause Increased Maintenance

To understand the effect of faulty filters on your HVAC system, compare it to the lungs in your body. Just like your lungs filter out impurities to create healthy air for you to breathe, the “lungs” of your heating and cooling system also do the same. They also work to maintain the health of your system. Without proper filtration, the air is not purified before entering the system and it must work harder to operate with contaminants and debris. This can lead to increased maintenance costs and a higher potential for bigger issues in the future. Hence, replacing the damaged filter is the only solid and practical solution for the HAVC system to keep on working properly.

“Loss of money, time and health always causes tension.”

5. Increased Bills of Electricity

A clogged filter forces the system to work twice as much as it does with the clean filters on. Besides causing sheer wear and tear to the whole system and reducing its life span to the worst level. The clogged filter also proves a severe drain on your budget by increasing the electricity bill many-folds. This fact, in turn, disturbs the overall budget of your home and things get even worse when a day comes when you have to replace the whole system altogether. So, why not nip the evil in the bud and keep cleaning and replacing the clogged filters regularly and timely.

How Often Should Furnace Filters be Replaced?

Information about your specific HVAC unit is available in the user manual of every HVAC product. Follow the suggested replacement schedule strictly and be sure to use the correct filter for your system. Cheap filters may cost less now, but can wear down more quickly or not work as well as those indicated in your system’s manual. Many manufacturers offer free filter replacements for units that are under warranty. To keep your filters working correctly, consider a regularly scheduled maintenance agreement with service tech experts from a qualified and reputed HVAC agency.

Furnace filters are a critical part of HVAC systems and ignoring their timely replacement may create costly repairs in the future. Fresh filters can lead the way to your family’s enjoyment of healthy indoor air all year long.

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