Electric bikes, or e-bikes, have soared in popularity in the past several years. With e-bikes becoming a $15 billion industry in 2019, there are plenty of options to choose from for new riders looking into getting an electric cruiser bike. So what should you look for in a new e-bike? Keep an eye out for five key factors in your next electric ride.

Options for Riding Modes

Many e-bikes allow the rider to choose between sweating it out with pedal-only power, getting a small boost with pedal assist, or riding in a full electric mode. The best rated e bikes will give you an option to decide how often to engage the motor. Look for a rear-placed motor to give the feeling of being pushed along when you’re hoping to log some extra miles or make it up a challenging hill.

Choose Your Wattage

E-bikes come with batteries in varying levels of wattage, including 250-watt, 500-watt and 750-watt. Generally, the higher the wattage of the battery, the longer and further you’ll be able to ride the e-bike without needing to recharge. For example, quality ladies electric bikes with a 500-watt, the rear-drive motor can take a rider 20 miles using full-electric mode or 20-40 miles using pedal assist. Picking the right wattage for you will depend on how often you think you’ll want to use electric power and how far you’re hoping to go on your electric cruiser bike.

Ride in Style

These days, electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes. A hybrid or cruiser style can be an ideal choice for riders who are looking to use an e-bike for their daily commute. Look for a cruiser or city bike that places the rider in an upright position to reduce muscle fatigue. An ergonomic design can also help reduce strain on your back, knees and joints. A low, step-in frame makes it easy to get on and off your e-bike.

Look for an Aluminum Frame

Bike frames come in a range of materials. Aluminum frames on quality e-bikes make for a lighter overall weight and a smoother, more comfortable ride. Lighter construction means the electric motor will be able to take you further before it needs to be recharged. If you’re planning to go on long rides and rely on pedal-power, a lighter frame will make for a more nimble ride. Many quality cruiser-style models also have slightly wider tires than a typical hybrid bike. Look for 2-inch, semi-smooth tires for a relaxing ride.

Even with the added assistance of a rear motor, e-bikes still give the rider a good workout. Plan to switch up your motor use frequently between full-power, pedal-assist or pedal-power to ensure a great workout while you run errands or buzz around town.

Be sure to rely on a trusted vendor when you’re in the market for an electric cruiser bike. A quality bicycle supplier will give all the technical details you might need to consider before you buy a bike. They’ll also have the best customer service and selection, ensuring you’ll have a pleasant shopping experience.


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