Goodspeed Mobile Hotspot

Goodspeed Mobile Hotspot
13 Jun 2016

For people who frequently travel abroad, mobile data roaming is a big issue, as roaming packages differ from country to country and are comparatively expensive. Tethering is another trouble, because some devices don’t allow data connection to be shared with other devices. To save the day, Goodspeed mobile hotspot is available now to provide global wireless internet access at affordable rates.

Goodspeed is a compact device, which works as a 4G router and provides easy internet connection anywhere you go. The device uses mobile network of the country you are currently in and converts the 4G connection into Wi-Fi. You can create a personal WLAN with password protection and give access to 15 other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The Goodspeed hotspot device supports up to 10 sim cards, retains a powerful battery with 12 hours usage time and can be connected to multiple devices. The device costs $299.00 and can be bought in any continent around the world. You can also purchase the device for $29.99 on a 24-month contract.

There are 3 basic tariffs offered by Goodspeed; Lite, Pro and Business. For starters, Lite plan is recommended as it costs only $23.99 and offers up to 1 GB mobile data. The Pro and Business plans starts from $7.99 with unlimited destination validity. The price per day of use varies as per your location.


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  1. I travel a lot, seems like an amazing device, gonna buy it now.

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