With the holidays around the corner and company parties marked on the calendar, it’s time to start thinking about what to give your boss, employees, or co-workers. With limited knowledge of your recipients’ favorite items, hobbies, or overall wish-lists, finding the right present can be tricky.

Great Gift Ideas

Browse this guide and get inspired by some great gifts to give at the office that everyone will be sure to love. We broke it into categories to make your shopping experience even easier—thank us later.

For the Tech Savvy

If someone in your office loves gizmos and gadgets, consider picking out one of the latest inventions for a gift this year.

  • USB Coffee Warmer

Coffee is an essential part of the work day, but too often it gets cold for sitting too long. Help keep coffee warm with this simple USB cord.

  • Silent Mouse

Until now, creating a mouse with a silent clicking sound has been quite a challenge. Eliminate distractions and annoying sounds by giving a silent mouse.

  • Digital Smart Pen

If you find your office worker writing a lot, pick up a smart pen that not only records audio but also converts writing to digital format that you can then upload onto a computer.

  • Self-stirring Mug

Who needs a spoon when a mug can do all the stirring for you? With the press of a little button, this gift is sure to amaze as a little whirring disk perfectly spins and froths your cream and sugar.

For the Work Wives

The women who make your Monday through Friday bearable deserve a little extra love this time of year. Find the perfect gift to show your appreciation.

Work Wives Gifts

  • Plant Holder

If she has an orchid or succulent on her desk, a cute new home for her plants will be much appreciated. Pick out a trendy terrarium or a classic ceramic planter.

  • Candles

Every woman loves a good candle.Find a soothing scent like lavender or chamomile to help her unwind and relax after work.

  • Desk Humidifier

Combat central heating with a desk humidifier so that the stuffy office air doesn’t mess up her skin routine.

  • Wine

Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine at the end of a long day? Personalize your gift with corporate wine labels by Etching Expressions and add your company logo onto your favorite bottle.

For the Eclectic

Chances are at least one person in your office provides the laughs all day. Give them something unique and off-beat to complement their humor.

  • Decision Spinner

Settle the dispute over food with a “What’s for Lunch” decision spinner. You can also find paperweight decision makers to answer all of life’s tough questions.

  • Melting Clock

Life at the office can feel like time is slowly slipping. These funny clocks add unique décor and offer funny reminders of the hours melting away.

  • Floppy Disk Sticky Notes

Appreciate some office nostalgia with a pack of sticky notes in the design of floppy disks. They won’t store 1.44 MB worth of information, but they’re amusing and fitting for the eclectic types.

  • Fortune Dispenser

This silly little gift will offer fortunes for anyone who strays past their desk or waits for attention. Give this to someone too busy or too clueless to give real answers so at least people will leave with something.

For the Organized

Every office has someone who acts like the glue who holds it all together. Help them stay organized with gifts they’re sure to appreciate.


  • A Desk Organizer

Help declutter with a desk organizer. There are a variety of desk organizers on the market, but Cyanics offers a compact organizer that not only sorts your belongings, but provides USB ports and memory connection.

  • A Calendar

The New Year is around the corner, meaning everyone is in need of a new calendar. Keep your co-worker on track this upcoming year by giving either a desk calendar or a beautiful wall calendar.

  • Business Card Stand

We all have business cards, but often lack a posh space to stash them. Upgrade a desk by gifting a gold stand to hold business cards.

  • Cable Clips

From chargers, HDMIs, USBs, and audio cables, desks can seem inundated with wiring. Neat freaks are sure to love cable clips to organize these devices.

Know what type you’re shopping for to save time and energy when picking out great office gifts.


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