People start home-based businesses for different reasons like under-utilization of a skill set or unsuitable work conditions. In some cases, physical limitations make it hard for us to work outside the house. The idea of starting up on your own may seem a little daunting. You may think it would require a substantial financial investment and businesses take time to start generating profit. However, there are plenty of options available to you, should you choose to be creative, work hard and develop a thick skin.

Running home-based businesses is the solution to contributing financially to your family based on your skills, abilities and lifestyle. Here are some home based business ideas to consider:

SEO Consultant

Websites pop up everywhere.  Everyone wants one, but they may not know how to take full advantage of the easy access to customers via online trending. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy is a viable project provided you are willing to put in the time to learn about link building, keyword research, content marketing and how to monitor trends to keep a website updated. In future, this can even be expanded to include long term maintenance contracts.

Pre-owned clothing store

People still have hang-ups about pre-owned clothing, but times are changing and there is a potential market out there for low-priced quality. This requires no financial input from your side because you can be the middle-man between sellers and buyers and only need to pay a share of the revenue to the seller after you receive payment for an item. All you need is a display area, strong community ties and a social media network.

Blogger/Freelance writer

Freelance writing is a great way to kick-start your career at home. You can choose to write about anything from special shopping deals to gardens and rocket science. Ghost writing is one way to go, because bloggers and websites are always in search of quality writers. In addition, a lot of college students outsource essays and assignments, because tough schedules make it difficult to cope with the intense coursework. Contrary to general belief this is quite legal and acceptable for colleges as long as the student’s views are reflected in the submitted work.

Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for fitness and nutrition you could take it to the next level and turn it into a successful home-based business by offering fitness classes at home. You will need a dedicated space in your home (basement, attic or yard). As your network of clients expands, you can start offering personal training sessions, which are likely to be much more profitable. Combine it with a website/blog offering personalized advice and you could have a steady income with minimal investment.

Online Shopping Assistant

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to shop online to save money, for convenience or to take advantage of offers and shopping deals. In order to truly benefit from e-commerce saving strategies, you must keep up-to-date with websites, especially ones that promote coupons and keep you updated on freebies. You could start up a service for your neighborhood where you do the hard work in return for a percentage of the resultant savings.

Home Health Care

This is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. The huge potential for this business lies in the demand for quality home-based health care as opposed to hospitalization. It is not just restricted to the elderly and can include anyone who has sustained an injury or been through surgery. This may involve investment on your part because you may have to pay for licensing or hire staff but the pay-offs are fast enough for you to recover your finance within a year.


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