Bringing a bit of nature inside your home can do wonders for not only your interior décor but for your health as well. Yes, the most obvious benefit of bringing the green in your living room and bedrooms is more oxygen, as these green natural filters will suck CO2, making your home’s atmosphere refreshing.

House Interior With Flowers

There is much more that different flowers and plants can offer. Flowers for Everyone has explored a few options for your house, let’s take a look at them:

Soothing and Calming Effect

Plants and flowers like Basil and Lavender have a soothing effect thanks to their sedative aroma. These plants contain linalool, the magical compound that not only enhances the taste of dishes, but its aroma also soothes the tiring nerves. Jasmine also contains the same compound, so the magical trio of Basil, Lavender and Jasmine can be a colorful accessory in your living room.

Other beautiful options can be African Violets; they can stimulate adrenaline release and improve oxygen flow to brain, thus relaxing and soothing the onlooker. Or you can go with the legendary Chrysanthemum; the dual colored flowery plant is not only pleasing to look at, but also a great air purifier, as it can filter out benzene from the air. It needs to be kept in direct sunlight, so placing it near windows is the best way to go.

African violet

Image by Wikimedia

Feeling Love

Roses, the ultimate expression of love, can lift the spirits and mood. Though the scientific evidence to support its kinship in romance might not be available, it is a pure delight to look at and its aroma is divine. Since this beauty comes with thrones, we recommend placing it higher, out of reach of children, preferably in hanging pot.

If you are not completely sold on roses, then Geraniums can be a nice alternative. They lack the dreaded thrones, have a relatively sublime aroma that is similar to roses and are bright red like their thorny counterpart.

Air Purifiers

That’s where some plants outshine others, namely Orchids and Peace lilies. These magenta beauties purify the air, get rid of moisture and improveair quality. To feel refreshed you have to breath fresh. You will also notice that you are much calmer, focused and stress free with these hanging in your bedroom.
There are others that can also make the cut for ultimate air purifiers like Spider plant and Dracaena, but none are a charm to look at, except green.

If you want the absolute best in air purifiers, then look no further than NASA-Approved Boston fern. This tiny marvel is not too shabby in looks despite lacking ornamental flowers, but can purify your home’s air of 1900 toxins in an hour alone. Plus, it’s totally safe for your cat.

All of the mentioned plants come with inherent air purifying trait, some are pleasing to the eye and add the enthronement with their unique aroma, while others are strictly practical. You can mix and match for a unique look that flows well with your interior.


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