Body Modifications

According to the Oberheiden law group, there are some companies who have already sought their advice about the legal implications of incorporating new technology that can modify the human body. This shows that there are companies who are serious in developing new technologies, which promote transhumanism.

Transhumanism is a growing trend; not only in the field of personal development, health and wellness, and sports, but also in the field of technology and medicine. Many of us wish we had super strength and speed, but it has been out of technologies grasp. However, we are standing right at the brink of this technology.

Today, we will look deeper into how body modifications could make you a sports legend.

Four Dynamic Body Modifications

1. Muscle Enhancers

Perhaps, we are all sick and tired of hearing claims that there exists a pill that can transform the human body into a muscular one. Such claims are mostly part of a marketing grid by supplement manufacturers.

The only real muscle and strength boosters that we can consider effective are what some controversial athletes in the past used to take, but these are also considered illegal drugs as they are addictive and contain substances that are present in other illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, researchers are studying the possibility of formulating a bio-pill that can enhance muscles and strength without compromising our health. Such a pill will not only enable us to run and move faster, but also boost our strength and stamina permanently.

body modification

2. Brain-Enhanced Devices

In sports as in other activities we need to think quickly and make split decisions while in motion. Currently, our brains are like computers allowing us to make these decisions, but what if you could boost the speed so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

This concept would be like getting a memory upgrade in your computer, but for your mind; think about the movie “Limitless” from 2011 in terms of this concept. Imagine improving how you learn, so nothing would distract you, making you a super genius overnight with unlimited potential in what you could do.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing technology is now being experimented with in the car manufacturing industry. It’s the way customers can customize parts of a vehicle during a manufacturing process.

This method is now also being experimented for human body. This means 3D printing of body parts will offer patients an option to choose a kind of body part that can be grown in a laboratory and then implanted into the body.

4. Smart Contact Lenses

Nowadays, there’s an effort to develop contact lenses with which you are able to zoom in or out like a high-tech camera. These contact lenses are also using the latest augmented reality technology.

With these contact lenses, you can also enjoy x-ray vision and night-vision mode. Although some of these features already exist separately in several devices, scientists and engineers are looking for ways to combine them into a simple highly developed package in the form of contact lenses.


It’s not wrong to become transhuman or a super human as its human nature to aim for physical greatness. This is why we join some sports competitions, go to the gym, study hard, and do everything to enhance our body and mind power.

Our problem in the past was not having the right technology to help us achieve these goals. Nevertheless, the above innovations may be the perfect answers we have been waiting for to let us accomplish our goals that go beyond our expectations.

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