Electric work requires utmost care and knowledge. You can’t just hire any electric contractor out there and feel safe. To help you out in this scenario, we have brought our top 8 tips to hire an expert electrical contractor in Sydney.

How to Choose Electrical Contractor

1. Understand What You Need

Knowing your needs exactly can help you find the best electrical contractor. Are you simply finding someone for lighting control system, or do you need a professional firm offering a range of electrical services? For a one time job, you can hire anyone in your locality, however, if you need corporate solutions, preventive maintenance and energy management services, you definitely need a professional electrical company.

2. Do Your Research

Ask your friends and family about the best electrical contractor in your area. Moreover, find contractors online and read user reviews. Also, check review sites like Yelp, Trustpilot etc, and read user’s feedback on electrical services in your city. Such sources will help you in narrowing to three to four contractors. It is also wise to give preference to local contractors, including plumbers and builders, as they will be easily available for work at cheaper rates.

3. Ask as Many Questions as You Like

A professional electrical contractor would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Ask the electrical contractors you have narrowed down to provide you quotes and compare their prices. Then ask them about their speed of work, the number of workers they will allocate to your work, the estimated deadline for the completion of work and so on.

4. Do Not Hire on Price Alone

An electrical contractor may offer you competitive rates, but that may not guarantee their professionalism and high-quality work. A reputable electric contractor can be costly, but you can trust their high-standards. The price does matter, but not on the cost of low-quality electric work.

5. Check Their References

Ask the electrical contractor for previous work references. Contact the references and ask them about the work quality, meeting deadlines and reliability. This gives you a good idea what you should expect from the contractor you are going to hire.

6. Find out if They are Licensed, Bonded and Insured

It is important to find out that your electric contractor is properly licensed, bonded and insured. This will protect you against any damages incurred in the project. Furthermore, it would ensure that the electricians who work on your project are skilled and experienced.

7. Choose the Deadline Wisely

Discuss the target completion date with your contractor and come to a compromise. Both parties should be flexible and easy going during this discussion to avoid any unnecessary conflict later on.

8. Get Everything in Writing

The terms and conditions of the electric project should be put on paper before the start of the project. This will protect the rights of both parties. The contract must include the nature of the project, the completion date, the estimated cost for the project and signatures of both parties. Keep the proposal safe, it will be required for reference during the project. In case, the firm breaches any term of the contract, you can sue them.


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