Business Cards

Whether you’re working hard to make money online, locally or in both areas at the same time, business cards can be an important part of that process. In fact, not only are business cards not outmoded, but you can use other people’s cards to help you generate more business and thus more income.

Add Your Information to Other People’s Business Cards

In the next section, we’ll discuss why you may want to distribute other people’s business cards, but that would be putting the cart before the horse. The core motivation for distributing someone else’s card is to generate more business for you, and people and businesses need to know how to contact you. The back of card is a great place to list this information, but keep it brief. Perhaps include your name or business name, a telephone number and an email address or website URL.

Use Other People’s Business Cards as a Referral Program

The reason why distributing other people’s businesses cards as you would your own works is because you’re doing so as if it were a referral program. Some people/businesses even get paid for distributing other people’s business cards, but getting paid isn’t essential to this being effective. The goal here is to create an association between your brand and another brand. For instance, a homeowner may not need a painter now, but she may when the carpenter is finished.

Collaborate with Complementary Businesses

When you associate your brand with another brand, it’s important that those brands be complementary businesses. If the businesses overlap, your work will be counterproductive, and if the businesses are too far apart, your efforts will be counterproductive there as well. When you find a good match, work to make it a collaboration. You can distribute cards for them while they do the same for you. Consider a CPA who refers clients to a tax lawyer and vice versa.

Distribute Cards Through a Multi-Card Display

The traditional way to distribute business cards is by hand in person, but you can also set up a multi-card display that people can pick cards from. This works well at a place of business, but you can also use this approach at trade shows, service fairs, flea markets and so forth. Business cards can even be virtual in nature, and you can set up a virtual multi-card display on your website, Facebook and so on.

Design and Sell Business Cards Online

Up to this point, we’ve approached business cards as an ancillary means of generating business, but you can actually base your entire enterprise on them. Designing effective business cards is not easy. People often want a human touch, and you can distinguish your services with, for instance, graphics that enhance cards visually or QR codes that enhance how much information a business card can provide.

Help Distribute Cards in a Digital Manner

Another way that you can generate income with a focus on business cards is distributing them in a digital manner. This is still a new frontier and an area where many small businesses are struggling to adapt. You can use social media, content blogs and so forth to lead traffic to these cards, and you can provide opportunities to print the cards out or have them mailed to those who are interested.


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