The reason you keep getting overlooked during promotions may have less to do with your abilities or the office politics but the fact that your work goes unnoticed. You need to set yourself apart from the rest of your work colleagues to get noticed and get all the promotions and perks you feel you deserve.

You can’t blend in and be average like everyone else and expect to be noticed. You must stand out at work if you want to get recognition. Your performance must be exemplary rather than just good enough like everybody else’s.

How to Stand Out at Work

Here are ways to stand out at work and take your career to the next level.

Work harder than everyone else

The most successful people work the hardest. There’s no two ways about it. To get ahead you must outwork everyone else in the office. Don’t just stop at your job description especially if you aspire to take up leadership roles.

It’s not just working hard to be seen to be busy and putting longer hours than everyone else, you must have results to show for it otherwise your competence will come into question. This means you must also work smart. Complete your projects earlier than scheduled and take on complex projects that everyone is scared of, if you feel competent enough, and execute them successfully.

Master emotional intelligence

You can be the smartest and most talented person in the office, and all these qualities are admirable in the work place, but you won’t reach the career levels you want if you lack emotional intelligence.
Your relationship with your colleagues play a vital role in your career success. Emotional intelligence will help you develop good working relationships with your co-workers so you get the support and assistance you need for your own success. It will also help you smoothly navigate the office politics.

Be an expert on something

The easiest way to stand out at work is to be the go to person for specific issues. Being the best at certain tasks not only earns you respect and admiration from your colleagues but also puts you in good stead to be noticed by other players in the industry.

This means that you have a reputation that precedes whether it’s time for internal promotions at your work place or you are applying for the new Jobs At Walmart.

To further grow your influence at work, offer to mentor junior employees and impart to them the skills and experience you have garnered over the years.

Remain the consummate professional

Avoid slacking at work regardless of how long you have been in the organization. Arrive at the office in time and observe the office etiquette. Dress appropriately and watch your language. Don’t be the office gossip if you want to earn respect at your workplace.

Complete your tasks in good time and should you commit mistakes, own up to them and work on remedying the errors. Don’t be in the habit of having excuses and passing the buck to other people. More importantly, give credit to others when they have earned it.

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