Besides management decisions, the employees are the most important aspect of a business. This is because they are the ones who work on the products and services to be sold to potential customers and then interact with those customers during and after sales.

In today’s business environment, every single employee needs to have basic customer service skills. This is regardless of whether they are in sales or not, management or the factory floor. This is important because at some point they are going to interact with potential customers directly and indirectly and how they treat them will determine the future relationships those customers will have with your business.

Customer Service Skills

Here are some important customer service skills every employee must have.

Communication Skills

This is a basic soft skill that every employee needs to communicate with their colleagues and handle customer complaints and inquiries. Employees should be able communicate with customers that in ways that leave them feeling respected and valued by the business. This starts from being an active listener. Listen to customers without cutting them short to get the core issues that they are trying to communicate before thinking of a suitable response.

The employee’s choice of words should clear and informed so that the customer feels there issues have been handled satisfactorily.

Understanding the company’s services and products

Your employees should have an in-depth understanding of your products and services. As an owner or manager, it is your duty to organize training for all employees so they have the knowledge of how your products work. Make sure your employees use the products as a customer would.

If you run a media site like Blacksmokemedia.Com you want your staff to be able to clearly elaborate what it is that you do and the services you offer.

This puts them in a better position to handle queries from customers and they are able to help customers who encounter problems while using your products and services.


Customers come with different temperaments and you want your employees to be able to handle a customer whichever way they come. Anyone dealing with customers need to stay calm and collected when a customer comes with their frustrations and disappointments to them. You don’t want your employees lashing out at already agitated customers. Patience is the difference between a great customer service and a public relations disaster for your business.

Problem-solving Skills

You are not helping the customer and your business if you are just listening to the customers without solving their problems. You want employees who are able to fully understand the customer’s problem and solve it or find the right channels to have the issue sorted out in a timely fashion without taking the customer round in circles.

This calls for all your employees to have a certain level of empathy to understand the customer’s disappointment and therefore seek the fastest solution to their problems. More importantly, it requires critical thinking and problem solving skills.


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