Productivity isn’t simply getting more done — it’s focusing on getting the right tasks done. Whether you’re working for yourself or a company, get more done in less time to improve productivity. The impacts you have each day depends on your ability to perform efficiently.

Eliminate Distractions
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4 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Here are four ways to improve your productivity for maximum impact.

Eliminate Distractions

Between cellphones, social media, constantly pinging email alerts, and chatty colleagues, we live in a world of distractions. To boost your productivity, you need to learn how to handle them effectively.

Set up ground rules for yourself to create pockets of distraction-free time. For a scheduled period each day, mute all notifications on your cellphone and turn it face down on your desk. Forbid yourself from checking social media, and shut down your email. Chatty colleagues are a bit harder to avoid, but there are techniques for moving them along without seeming rude. Start out with small chunks of distraction-free time, then build up to a couple of hours each day.

Create the Right Environment

The environment where you work can make all the difference in your productivity. Begin by evaluating your desk. Do you have the proper setup for sitting and standing? Neck and spine misalignment from your desk setup is not only uncomfortable but can also create long-term health issues that affect your life in and outside of work.

Clean, fresh air is vital for a productive workplace. Ensure air is circulating efficiently by having a professional service in your HVAC system. As well as having filters replaced frequently to keep the air clear of allergens and bacteria.

Focus on the Highest Value Work

To make the greatest impact, focus on the tasks that have the highest value. While some tedious tasks are impossible to avoid, do not let them take up more of your time than necessary. Instead, direct your best energy toward those tasks that are innovative, compelling, and help grow your company and serve your customers.

Your most valuable work has best completed when your energy is the highest. This is in the morning for many people, but some find the afternoon to be the most invigorating time of day.

Set Attainable Goals

Some people cringe at the thought of goals, but by reimagining those goals you can use them to your advantage. Goals don’t have to be lofty dreams, they can (and should) be tangible, achievable milestones on the path to big impacts. Goals should challenge you enough that you are slightly uncomfortable. But not so much that you abandon them as impossible.

Every Monday, start by setting a weekly focus. That focus should guide how you spend your time. Perhaps it is on getting a handle on your team’s budget or focusing on customer service. Then, each morning, set goals that are difficult (but not impossible) to attain.


Both internal and external factors influence productivity. By eliminating distractions, optimizing your workspace, focusing on your highest value work, and setting attainable goals, you will see improvements in your productivity immediately.


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