Improving relationships with clients should always be a priority if you offer your own accountancy services. Holding an online masters of accounting could well show clients you’re more than capable of serving them, but if you don’t have a knack for keeping your clients happy, you’re not going to be a success. Of course, you don’t want to constantly ring your clients to ask if they’re ok – they’ll only get spooked.

Improving Client Relation

But, there’s plenty you can do to keep them happy and improve relationships all the time.

It’s Time to Get Personal

There’s a thin line between having a personal or professional relationship, but there’s no reason why you can’t have both. Being personal will show your clients you have their interests on your mind on a constant basis. A personal relationship will always ensure your clients opt for your services rather than your competitors. Always have an interest in what they’ve got to say and, when it comes to talking business, ask them how their family is and if they enjoyed their holiday – there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever.

Regular Lunches

A regular lunch is a good way to build relationships further on a personal and business level. Such occasions will also give you a chance to ask your clients what you can do more of to help their business or personal finances thrive. Again, this shows you have a huge interest in their custom, and small lunch efforts could be the difference in taking relationships further. Even if you’ve only recently achieved your online master’s degree in accounting at Maryville University, it’s simple efforts like these that go a long way.

Business Visits

If you offer accountancy services to a small business, they’ll likely need to ask for your advice on a regular basis. You don’t want to just turn up at their door out of the blue regularly, but you can still set up appointments and be there for them if they need you. You’ll likely only sit in their office and drink coffee while discussing sports or fashion, but it’s still an effective way to improve relationships. Such visits show your clients you’re willing to make time for them, regardless of how small their queries are.

Always Give Them More Than You Should

Of course, you don’t want clients completely taking the biscuit out of your accountancy services, but for long-time clients, giving them more than you should is another effective way to look after clients. You could stop at giving them advice once you’ve filed their taxes or you could do less for their tax savings because they haven’t paid you ten bucks. However, small thoughtful gestures like the above will go a long way in securing relationships for the future.

Even building relationships further with the smallest clients could be very rewarding. Just because a client is small now and only has a small business, doesn’t mean they won’t own 5 hugely successful businesses in the future. If that happens and you’ve looked after that client from the get-go, guess whose door they’re going to be knocking on requiring further services?

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