Increasing traffic to your website is one of easiest ways to rank higher on Google and boost your revenue. Its website is the most powerful tool a business has to reach new and existing customers so ensuring that yours is as visible as possible is paramount.

Use Facebook

FacebookStarting a Facebook group that drives traffic to your website is completely free and enables you to be able to direct followers to specific pieces of content. Facebook also allows you to make connections with other companies in your industry and build relationships which can really benefit your business. Whilst driving lots of traffic to your website is crucial, ensuring it’s the relevant traffic is even more important and by using Facebook this means the people you are currently friends with already have an interest so, are much more likely to access your website. Facebook gives you the opportunity to insert links at lots of stages on your profile so ensure that where it is appropriate there are links to your site, for example in the About section, on photos and in comments. Additionally, make sure you interact at least daily and if you encourage your friends to like and share, this will significantly increase your exposure.

Create a Company Blog

Creating a blog is a great way to increase natural and returning traffic to your website, by creating posts which include lots of words and content that is directly related to your niche and target audience. By using vocabulary specifically related to your specialism this automatically increases organic searches to your site. You should endeavour to keep your posts on topic and make them engaging to read and share and, be sure to add lots of relevant keywords which are trending. It’s very important to keep your posts fresh, original and try not to recycle or rehash old material unless you have a new angle or update on this content, It needs to provide something useful and new for your readers to keep coming back to. Stick to these rules for creating your blog and you should then soon see a higher rate of traffic and visits to your website.

Develop your SEO skills

Knowledge of SEO is pivotal to increasing website traffic. SEO can be rather complex particularly as it changes on a day to day basis however, an understanding of the basic principles will go a long way to increasing your rankings on Google and in turn hopefully boost your profits. With SEO, a little can go a long way and have an impact on your search results. Utilise the guides on Google such as the keyword finder and trend tracker to help you get started.

Make your Headlines engaging

Focus on developing strong headlines. It is best to keep it as simple as possible as readers usually skim through and make an instant decision on whether to continue reading. Make sure the essential information about the piece is included and keep the font as plain as possible. The headline is the gateway to your amazing content so make sure it’s inviting to read but, relevant to what your article is about.

Utilise your CRM software

With your CRM you know more about your customers or potential customers including email, communication preference, location, work industry, car they own, house etc. having access to all this data means you should be using it to cater marketing and follow up to the customer to drive traffic to your website. CRM software can be extremely helpful to master retention marketing increasing both traffic back to your website, more client visits and referrals and an increased expenditure.


Ana is an internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of iGuides, she loves to give adequate time to her passion which is writing. She holds a PHD in English Literature.

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