Are you planning to renovate your home? Renovating your home is a great way to infuse new life into your home décor. Like fashion, modern interior design trend are rarely permanent. While there are certain classic interior trends that will always remain popular because of its form and factor, but advances of technological innovations will stir up new trends with a touch of originality. While some design trends perish with the passage of time some stay and give birth to newer designs and trends. Let’s find out some of the new interior design trends that will make big in this year ahead.


It can be overwhelming to choose one perfect colour to paint your home wall from a palette of thousand colours. However, the concept of choosing a colour for your home is simple and that is to choose bright colours that can accentuate key areas of your home to lift your spirits and mood. Pastel colours offer the right brightness without overpowering a room and therefore adding a bright pastel colour to the feature wall to draw attention is a great way to start with.


While modern and futuristic furniture is immensely popular, classic country furniture offers a perfect way for homeowners to decorate their home in 2016. It provides a strong contrast to your home décor. Noir furniture, on the other hand, inspired by French furniture styles are back in trend offering a perfect touch of luxury to bedroom. Mixing furniture styles has always been in vogue in the past few years and the trend lives on in the year 2016.


ighting can make all the difference in the world. While chandeliers and filament bulbs infuse a sense of vintage-effect, but with the growing popularity of LED lighting the new trends are more inclined towards it. Mood lighting has gained the attention of homeowners as they step away from standard static lighting.

Smart Systems:

We already know about smartphones and Smart TVs, but that is not the end of technological advancement. New technological gadgets make other appliances smarter as well like turning off and on your lights, control the room heating and opening the garage door. All the systems are integrated and connected with one another to bring you a better lifestyle. As per Julian Potter from Baytree Interiors mentioned that it is good to see classic designs still being the foundation of modern home interior designs in the age of technological innovation and advancement.

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