Israel Vacations

Can you just imagine this, for four thousand years, Israel has been at the center of political conflicts and has been invaded by various countries to no avail. There have been terrorist attacks left and right. But through it all, Israel has remained one of the favorite tourist destinations by a lot of people. One good thing about being a tourist in Israel vacations is that not one tourist has been hurt in any of these turmoil. There is no hatred shown towards tourists. That will always be a good sign.

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for best Israel Vacations

If you ask people who have visited the Holy Land of Israel if it is worth the risk, they will probably tell you that there is no risk to be taken in your Israel vacations. First of all, Israelis and Palestinians do not attack tourists. The second reason why it is all worth it is because it has a lot to offer. To think that most of these sites are popular the world over speaks for itself. Jerusalem is probably the most popular city on any tourist’s radar and map. But then aside from the Old City, there is also the New City on the Western Coast of the country, Tel Aviv. These two cities are a study in juxtaposition because the Old City is where you will find the tourism center of Israel with its rich collection of historical and religious tourists spots that would simply enthrall just about anyone.

On the other hand Tel Aviv offers just the opposite of what Jerusalem has in store. Here you will find modern skyscrapers, shopping malls, restaurants and bars that litter every corner of this once suburb of the Arab dominated Jaffa. Today it has outlived its status of being a suburb and is now more advanced in many ways compared to Jaffa.  Aside from the modern amenities, Tel Aviv also offers respite and relaxation through its wonderful beaches. If Jerusalem is the historical and religious center of Israel, Tel Aviv is its’ social civic center.

More of the best tourists spots in Israel

Akko or Acre is another city where history thrives. Both Muslims and the Crusaders have stamped their rule in this city. The Crusader Fortress still stands there where visitors can stroll around during your Israel vacations.  Then there is Golan Heights up North. To reach it you will have to pass by the Sea of Galilee. Better yet, stop and take a dip into the waters of this sea where Jesus Christ spent most of his evangelical mission.

Truly, the best Israel vacations can be very meaningful and yet totally enjoyable. There is no mistake about it that Israel is a safe place for tourists and travelers alike. You can certainly go to any part of the country and enjoy every minute of it while taking in history, religion and modernity all at the same time.

You do not have to fear for your safety at all. As a matter of fact, tourists are very safe in this country and there hasn’t been any recorded incidents of some bad experiences. Besides the very friendly people of Israel, the society is in such a good condition that there won’t be any problems for you at all. No matter where you go, if you stay within the borders of this country, you will be safe. Even though you might have heard otherwise, considering the situation in the nearby countries, Israel is a very safe place to live and spend a vacation in.


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