About Kia Cars?

Kia Cars are very quickly becoming a staple in America. It could be because they are top rated in safety and are made in America. So let’s take a look at some facts about Kia Motors. You are sure to learn something interesting and you may even find your new favorite car in the process.

Kia Cars Come From Humble Beginnings

The original idea of Kia came from Korea. The company originally produced bicycle parts and tubing. They even created the first bikes in Korea. It was in 1952 that Kia actually became Kia. They joined up with other car manufacturers and exported cars for many years. It was in 1994 that the began to sell from Portland Oregon. In 2009, they opened the first manufacturer in America. In 2012, they opened a second one. In 2016, they were rated number one in the non-luxury range. Not bad for a company that started out making bicycle parts, huh?

Kia Cars Are MultiNational

You can get a Kia worldwide, where you go. Australia, Europe, and Asia are right behind America in there love for Kia Cars. They are available in many models that will have you in love with them. You can get them in right hand driving, just not in America. You can even get them for your entire fleet, all you have to do is contact the dealership. In fact, Kia now has facilities in Mexico, China, Slovakia, Vietnam, and America.

Kia Cars are for the Future

Kia makes it the priority to always strive to move forward. They want to make advancements that will bring Kia to the top in the future. They want to be reliable and safe because they know that is what truly matters. They have one of the best warranties that you can get for a new car. They have a strong history of safety, reliability,and even comforts. You aren’t giving up luxury. You aren’t giving up comfort. The only thing you are giving up is the high price tag that goes with the other cars.

Kia Cars are for Budgets

Here is the best thing about Kias other than the expensive cars. You can get every feature that you want and still save thousands. Even if you are a first time buyer, you can find the perfect Kia for your budget. There is no reason why you can’t have a car that you can trust and still have money for groceries. If you really want to get a great deal, you should try leasing a Kia. The ability to lease means that you can save money on your car and you can get a new Kia every few years. It is always an option that will bring you new opportunities and the ability to find the perfect Kia for you. So, now go check out all the models of Kias. They will be a Kia that you will have fun driving. After all, everyone wants to love what they drive.


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