It’s easy to think that, as marketing technology becomes increasingly advanced. Companies should keep capitalizing on its latest advances if they want to realize the best results. But, research tells a very different story: that offline marketing remains a formidable weapon in an advertising arsenal. However there are some successfully top ways to mix your company with digital and print marketing.

According to statistics posted by BBN Times, for example, adding newspapers to an advertising campaign can make it, in the finance sector, 5.7 times and, in the retail sector, 2.8 times more effective. Here’s how you can act on those figures.

Target Global Audiences with Online and Local Audiences with Offline

Certain customers you miss with online marketing, you could ensnare with offline marketing – and vice versa. That’s because different people naturally gravitate towards different types of media. Some of us are, say, very much newspaper people – while others prefer to consume their news online.

As a general rule, your offline campaigns should be aimed at the local community. Where the marketing materials will be distributed while online is better for achieving a global reach.

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Establish Connections Between Your Online and Offline Efforts

There are various potential ways of doing this. These include adding details about a brand’s online presence, like links to the company’s website and social media pages, to print marketing materials.

Those materials could include perforated vouchers printed on brochures or booklets sent out to people through one of the highest-converting marketing methods, direct mail. Meanwhile, a company like Duplo International can provide you with printing equipment. Mix your company with digital and print marketing campaigns where online and offline intersect.   

Establish Connections of Your Efforts

Use Online Means to Track Your Offline Marketing Success

One big reason why online marketing has become highly popular is that, quite simply. Because its success can be more easily measured than that of offline marketing.

However, given that offline can often outclass online marketing in conversion rate, you could mix and match benefits of both offline and online by placing QR codes, hashtags and online-redeemable special offers on your print materials and thus helping yourself to measure results from them. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Risk with Your Print Marketing

A Medium article argues that “print marketing takes a little more creativity and risk-taking than online marketing”. In justification, the article highlights, from the past, a range of particularly adventurous print marketing campaigns where the risk nonetheless paid off.

Those campaigns included Burger King sharing, in award-winning print ads, images of fires that actually occurred at Burger King restaurants – shown alongside the slogan “Flame-grilled since 1954.”

Regularly Reassess Your campaign and its Effectiveness

Adidas has admitted to over-investing in digital marketing as a result of referring too heavily to metrics focusing only on short-term effectiveness.

“It told a very digitally-focused story, that you should invest in paid search, online display. But when you look at econometric modeling, it tells you something very different,” Marketing Week quotes the sports brand’s global media director Simon Peeling as saying.

The takeaway from this is simple: you should regularly review your marketing campaign primarily for effectiveness rather than efficiency. 

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