Trampolines are one of those novelty recreational items that pique many people’s interests, even in today’s technology-obsessed world. It’s true that trampolines really do encourage kids to be active and are a fantastic incentive for getting some fresh air. Did you know though, that there are also digital gaming apps that help kids get active on their trampoline? The tgoma digital game system provides kids (and adults) with an opportunity to make their trampoline experience interactive, and helps make new, smart trampolines an even more attractive purchase. And only one trampoline company has partnered with tgoma to create the world’s first smart trampoline. With games like FreeBounce, Stickers, and Repeat Street, your kids will be learning and exercising as part of their daily screen time.

While it is true is that trampolines can be a rather dangerous toy with the decline of quality materials and reliable manufacturing, there is a patented design that has now changed the face of trampolining. Springfree Trampoline uses a patented spring-less design that eliminates a significant amount of product-related injury. With traditional trampoline models, there was always the risk of falling off the mat, landing on an exposed spring, or crashing into the metal frame resulting in both minor and more serious injuries. With a patented Springfree model, safety comes first.

The impressive achievements made in the revitalization of the design of the trampoline from the ground up cannot be overstated. The bounce is provided by composite rods that sit below the surface of the trampoline mat, and along with the suspended frame, are completely removed from the jumping plane making it impossible to reach them — preventing bruises, broken ribs and other injuries.

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Most trampoline injuries occur by impacting with the springs or frame, so the new frame design which situated the major impact zones several feet below the jumper cuts down these chances while making for an optimal jumping experience, free of worry. These same flexible composite materials are used in the support frames of the FlexiNet enclosure. Unlike steel poles which resist the bouncer’s energy and cause injury, the flexible FlexiNet rods absorb the weight and energy of the bouncer, gently guiding them back to the mat. If you’re looking for a trampoline for sale in your city, be sure to find one with a FlexiNet enclosure.

The best trampolines are also outfitted withhigh-quality mats, which are resistant to tearing and comfortable to play on while also providing jumpers with plenty of potential for altitude. Springfree’s SoftEdge mat for example, absorbs the shock of jumping, and prevents soft tissue damage among other repetitive stress injuries that can occur on a regular trampoline because it is more shock absorbent than traditional trampoline pads.

In addition to researching for trampoline quality and the potential for fun, parents who are considering a trampoline for their kids are also encouraged to look for certain seals of approval and certifications, such as The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, or the International Design Award. Trampoline manufacturers (such as Springfree) that have won these awards have proved that their product is both reliable, and has been thoroughly tested. Springfree trampolines encourage physical activity, interactive play through the tgoma trampoline app, and fresh air, so why not visit your nearest trampoline retailer to learn more.

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