One of the most challenging aspects of putting together the perfect outfit is knowing how to finish it off. It is easy to create an outfit with the basics (jeans, top, and jacket). But knowing how to accessorize and layer up is the key to making sure your outfit goes from a standard to jaw-dropping.

The Essential Guide to Perfect Outfit

Below you’ll get the best of such tips that you can be doing, at the present time, to make yourself look more perfect.

Know Your Stuff

The first decision you need to make when putting together your clothes is working out. What occasion are you dressing for and how do you want to feel that day. It’s important that it’s about how you want to feel and not about how you are expected to feel. For example, if you are going to a bachelorette party and you feel bloated, then don’t wear a figure-hugging dress just because that’s what is expected of you. Go with comfort!

If you consider factors such as where you are going, how do you want to feel and what type of movement you will be doing, such as shopping or a coffee date, then you have a good starting point to working out what you want to wear?

Consider logistics too, such as what’s the weather like. How will you be getting there as these are vital aspects to know how you finish off a perfect outfit?

What’s Your Base

Know what kind of the first layer you are going to have so you have a good foundation for layering if you need to. Looking to the internet on fashion sites or magazines will help you with inspiration. But make sure you base decisions on where you are going and what the day plan is, as mentioned above.

Layer Up

Once you have some base pieces decided, you need to start adding layers as its these that will add character and style to your outfit.

Make sure you choose pieces that sit close to the body first and then work your way out. If you are choosing many layers, then make sure the thinnest, fitting ones are the closest to you and then add thickness as you go.

Adding lengths, colors, and patterns show your personality in an outfit and don’t be afraid to experiment.
Examples of pieces of clothes that you can use to layer up are:

  • Shirts
  • Vests
  • Cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Blazers
  • Get Your Shoes On

A shoe will make or break an outfit, so choose carefully. If you are a shoe lover, you could select the shoes first and then work up basing the whole outfit around them. However, if this is a bit extreme for you, then make sure the shoe compliments the outfit.

Coats and Jackets

Although Blazers are considered a staple part of any wardrobe, a luxurious coat or jacket is a finishing piece to really pull it together. Make sure you invest in a good quality coat, though, such as ones found at JACK1T because as with shoes, if you have a cheap pair, then it can ruin an outfit.


This is like putting the cherry on the cake as everything else is done. Now it’s just about adding color and texture. Start with a statement piece and decide where this accessory will sit. However, depending on what you’re wearing and where you are going.

If you don’t have one bold item, then you can add smaller pieces and mix and match as long as you keep a theme of the accessories going because otherwise, you may look like you’ve fallen head first into a dressing up box.


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