Birthday party can be a hassle to plan, but if you know what you need to do, you can arrange an unforgettable gathering for yourself. Here are top 7 tips for your convenience:

Plan an Amazing Birthday Party

1. Decide a Theme

Having a theme for your birthday can make planning it much easier allowing you to arrange your decorations and menu according to that. Choose a trendy theme and even go a step ahead and ask your guests to come dressed up according to your theme. Some entertaining birthday party themes include Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Paris, Floral, Sports, Costume, Unicorn, and so on.

2. Estimate the Number of Guests

Having an idea about the number of guests you would be inviting will be crucial while deciding the venue for your party. For example, you can arrange your birthday party at home if you intend to invite 10 people or less. On the other hand, if you like to invite lots of guests (50+ people), entertaining them at home won’t be a wise choice.

3. Choose a Venue

Your venue is an important part of the preparation because it will set the mood and atmosphere of your party. The selection of the venue should depend on the number of guests you intend to invite and the time of your party. You can have your birthday at a local club, restaurant, at home, the local park, a bowling alley, and so on.

4. Find a Caterer

The food needs to be exquisite for your guests to have a memorable time. The easiest way to serve food is choosing the buffet style.It is cheaper compared to an a la carte style service. Catering in Sydney by Flavours is the perfect option if you are looking for quality service and a variety in menu. Your menu should follow a common theme; for example, making half of the menu Chinese and the rest as Italian would be confusing. Moreover, it is wise to choose at least one vegetarian dish to cater to any vegetarians in your guest list.

For an outdoor party, setup a grill for a cookout or cook food at home and bring that along.

5. Think of Ways to Entertain Your Guests

If you are having an indoor party, you can arrange for different games and activities, like Truth or Dare, dancing, charades and so on. For birthdays in restaurants or other similar venues, you need to promote friendly conversation. At an outdoor venue, you can arrange fun games, like football, races and so on.

6. Pick a Cake

The birthday cake is always the main attraction because it is what marks it as a birthday party. When choosing your cake, do not just decide on what you prefer, consider what your guests would like the most. Do not choose a strange flavour, liked by you only. If you are good at baking, consider making your own cake instead of ordering it from an expensive bakery. Try your hand at any one of these recipes.

7. Envision How You Want to Decorate the Venue

The way you decorate your venue should reflect your theme. If you are aiming for a fun-loving look, use balloons and banners. For a classy look, employ best birthday floral arrangements.

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