Positive Results of Chatbots

Chatbots, short for “chat robots”, are computer programs created to simulate human conversations. They have changed how companies interact with their customers and are expected to play a huge part in how companies will communicate with customers in the future.

Why Chatbots Are Gaining Attention

Chatting has become the communication medium of choice for today’s generation, especially that almost everyone has a smartphone. Messengers are catching the interest of consumers, prompting businesses to also modify their communication medium. Chatbots are being integrated into messengers and respond to customers through text messages. Chatbots have several advantages over humans.

They are not bias. Unlike humans, the knowledge of chatbots come from training guides. They do not think independently. Humans can respond to your answers based on their current emotions. This is not the case for chatbots. They will respond to your statements or questions based on the data they have.

They are text-based. Text is the future! Chatbots give you the convenience of a text chat, along with the conversational discernment of a human being. Also, customer service over the phone requires you to dial the number and wait for someone to pick up the call. With chatbots, you get a response right away.

They are inexpensive. A business will only spend a few cents to produce a communication thread from their server. On the other hand, it will cost them a substantial amount of money every time a rep answers a call. It can easily go beyond 10$ per call.

They capture analytics data automatically. Chatbots can be programmed to create triggers that record events like reactions to a certain product. These events can be utilized to come up with the results of a new test or evaluate a new product. Furthermore, programming a chatbot does not cost much, especially when compared to costly user tests.

Benefits of Chatbots

Chatbots allow companies to deal with repetitive communication functions at a quicker rate than humans. They are not humans, but they can respond to questions the way humans do. Because of increasing productivity and better customer service, more and more businesses are developing their own chatbots.

Chatbots also offer customers an easy way to obtain the information they need, thereby encouraging customer engagement.

Without a chatbot, a person who wishes to know the weather forecast has to go to a website or use a weather app and type his or her zip code or let the mobile device determine the user’s location. By using a weather bot, users can easily send a message in the app and the bot will respond and provide the latest weather information.

Apple’s Siri is perhaps the most popular chat robot out there. Siri makes use of different scripts and neural networks to provide an accurate answer to a user’s statement or inquiry. Apple spent years creating Siri, but now even smaller companies with lesser resources can create simple chatbots that are as effective as Siri.

A company that has its own chatbot has the chance to gain the insights of its customers. More insights will greatly help in personalizing the brand message. This results to more targeted marketing which can ultimately lead to more sales.

Chatbots can be an effective communication tool for your business. It can give your customers a better experience and increase customer engagement. However, before you even set aside funds for a chatbot, you first have to analyze whether it is applicable to your specific business issues. If you find out that it is indeed suitable, let an expert develop your chatbot to ensure that you will end up with a chatbot that suits your business needs.

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