Just like harsh sunlight doesn’t do your exposed skin any favors, the same is true of your car’s exposed interior. And just as sunscreen protects your skin and keeps it looking youthful, custom sunshades for cars protect your car interior and keeps it looking brand new year after year of diligent use.

Car Interior Protection

Keep Cracks at Bay

Over time, repeated exposure to UV rays leads to cracks breaking out along your dashboard, which is simply unacceptable. Such cracks are undoubtedly unsightly and an unfortunate reminder to use the best car covers to keep them at bay. While you can always have a new dashboard installed inside your vehicle, it makes more sense (both practical and financial) to use a sunshade instead.

Bring Out the Best in Your Dashboard

Besides cracks, long-time exposure to UV rays also fades the interior of your dashboard as well as your seats, depending on what material they’re made from. Such fading is much like the sunburns that break out across your skin when you spend too much time unprotected in the sun, except the damage to your car’s interior doesn’t subside over time.

Protect Your Electronics

Does your car have a top-of-the-line sound system? If it does, blistering sunshine can compromise its performance as well as the investment you originally made in the system. Keep jamming to your favorite tunes with the help of a custom shade.

More Than Just Aesthetic Appeal

Something to keep in mind is that a damaged car interior is not only an eyesore, but it also eats away at your car’s overall value as well. If you decide to sell your car, later on, all the cracks, fading and other damages drive down your resale value. Use sun shades to maintain interior looks and overall value.

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