Launch day is approaching. It is normal to be nervous. But, if you have a solid quality assurance team on your side, there is really nothing to worry about. Testing is just as important, if not more so than development. You can have the most useful software imaginable, but it doesn’t matter if it is not user-friendly or rife with bugs.

Quality Assurance Testing

Choosing a testing partner is never easy. It requires a lot of trust. Outsourcing such a task is a beneficial way to assure quality to your customers while keeping the product at a reasonable price.

Culture of Testing

Every business decision you make sure be backed by research and testing. The internet culture these days allows companies small and large to take advantage of many tools unavailable years ago. This goes for landing pages and logos as well as software and websites. This doesn’t mean you have date behind every single decision, but most decisions should be backed by concrete data instead of a gut feeling.

This means running A/B testing on different variants of landing pages. It means hiring a dedicated quality assurance team for software testing. It means watching strangers interact with and use your product. A company with a culture of testing looks at different conversion funnels and is constantly looking over web analytics.

This culture of testing allows your company to put out the best products and services. Customers continue to patronize your business because they can trust that they get what they pay for.

Start with Software Testing

Developing a testing culture at your business doesn’t happen overnight. I great place to start is with quality assurance testing. This requires careful planning to minimize disruption of the software development lifecycle. Always include your team with any changes. This makes transitioning much smoother.

Outsourcing is a great option for many companies. It allows for an unbiased view of the product. It also frees the in-house team to focus on development and iteration of the product. Here are some things to consider when deciding on an offshore QA testing company.

  • Process: Develop a process right from the beginning. Define your expectations in a kick-off meeting. Get everyone involved that might be affected by any changes being made. Just because you are outsourcing doesn’t mean you are ceding control. It does take a lot of responsibility off your plate. Choose a team wisely and set expectations early.
  • Meetings: Scheduling meetings with an offshore team is not always easy. Choosing a nearshore company can make communication easier to plan on the fly. Emails, phone calls, and text are an effective way to communicate between meetings, but you occasionally need face-to-face interaction. Video conferencing solves the problem of location. Time zones are the biggest challenge. Consider alternating between convenience for local and foreign time zones. This will cut down on resentment from either team.
  • Approval: Have a process for internal and external approval in place. By putting the software through a variety of tests and getting approval from the right sources, you are assured that when your product goes live you are satisfied with the results. Checks and balances reduce the surprises your team is forced to face.

Choosing the Right Provider

When choosing a partner, look for a company that shares your goal of creating high-quality software. Ideally, they will bring additional experience from working on software across many different industries. This allows them to leverage past experiences to overcome any challenges they face. Working with a variety of companies gives offshore QA testing teams an advantage. They are able to solve problems and innovate. These are all qualities you should look for in an offshore company you are considering partnering with.

Approach every interview with the mindset that you are teaming up with another company. You want this relationship to resemble a partnership. Your quality assurance team should desire success at least as much as you do. Look at their portfolio with a critical eye. Ask for references that can substantiate their work. Discuss how their experiences can help your company put the best software out on the market.

Developing a culture of testing in your company is a surefire way to be successful. It is easy to go with your gut, but major decisions within the company should be supported by data and testing. A great way to start implementing a mind towards testing is through your software development department. Outsourcing quality assurance testing ensures that the products you put out on into the world are user-friendly and bug-free.


Ana is an internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of iGuides, she loves to give adequate time to her passion which is writing. She holds a PHD in English Literature.

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