“There is this book I read…” and other variants of the same statements make people’s ears perk up; they want to hear more. That’s the thing about reading- others tend to consider you authoritative because your opinions are not formed in the bubble that is your life. It shows that you have analytical thinking skills that have shaped your thoughts to be more rounded when placed under public scrutiny.

Reading for Life

We observe life with every passing second; the people, the occurrences, the events—everything teaches us one thing or another. The best thing about it all is that some of us are able to capture all of these experiences in word-based formats. These magic options, called books, are there to steer us through the dark and light, hard and soft and thick and thin of life.

When you read a book regularly, you soak your brain with the positive torrents of words and inspiring concepts. Similarly, when you are taking the time out of your life to learn about someone else’s life and experience, you are inducing vibrations to keep you in optimal conditions more often. You must determine the gravity of the fact that reading for life isn’t merely practised to improve the livelihood; it is exercised to enhance the quality of life.

We tend to have added respect and perhaps awe for people who know more than we do. The fantastic thing is it’s not a gift that is bestowed upon a select few. It is something that you can become almost seamlessly. It only requires reading non-fictional books daily. If it is a lot to ask, then during your downtime is equally ideal. When you stick to content you love, then hearing the sound of your voice and watching people’s impressed faces as you talk will become quite addictive.

Why is reading for life constructive?

Those who prefer to look at the world through a broader perspective like to know how the others overcame their problems and how they won over one situation or the other. They also like to know what motivated them to come out of a difficult situation and what traits they have which made them stand out.

Biographies are a great way to catch up on others’ lives. If you have a habit of reading for life, you are prone to learn from others’ mistakes. You are adapting their strengths. Not everyone has to make a mistake of his own; some of us are prudent enough to gather our wits from others’ understandings.

Why reading daily matters

Anything done on the regular basis brings sweet fruits to your life and the same holds true with the habit of reading. Break shackles and set your brain free; think outside the box, expand your horizon and expand your reach. Also think the unthinkable and let the books take you to places. Travel with a good travelogue, learn about the world by grabbing a good piece of the encyclopedia, read a bit of fiction to visit fantasy land or coach yourself to improve your life by getting a hold of a good technical book. Reading for life isn’t merely having a few books to read, it is about opening up your brain to accept what is written there.

Reading is about the eyes and the mind. It is also a way to continually update your mind while keeping your brain engaged and healthy. The beauty about reading is it shifts how you perceive the world in big and small changes. Consider the feeling you get after reading an autobiography of someone with a particularly difficult life. When things are tough, you will make a mental reference to the book and push through.

Reading shifts how you see the world, but also how you feel about it. An example of the feeling of “I am not alone” we get after reading something. A female cross border tax specialist will learn about the challenges of a woman working for a mining company and relate. It allows them to exhale and navigate the world with added strength knowing theirs is not an isolated incident. Those who cannot relate do develop empathy, an ingredient largely missing in the world today.

Daily inspirational reading

As I have already mentioned, Reading an inspiring book regularly isn’t to improve your life — it’s to enrich your life. Not every time you will be able to find the perfect solutions of your problems in the books, but often, you will get the courage and strength to deal with your own issues, knowing, that someone else has been through the same. This is enough motivation one needs to keep going. The fact that we get to see that we aren’t alone and that someone has dealt with it before drives us to keep going in our difficult times.

Michelle Obama, discussed in her book called “Becoming”, how hard it was for her to react to the racial comments and that she was called “black first lady” often throughout the tenure. But she overcame the hatred and became the most cherished first lady later. Of course, that was all the courage which was needed by ethnic groups to overcome their racial issue. Thanks to that magnificent book, we’re able to know about it.

The whole point of personal development through inspirational reading is to expand more of what you’ve got, not to improve what you think is lacking. A reader who is there to accept what the books have to say is reading for life, not for a moment or a day.

Daily reading and meditation

Take a moment out of your busy life and select a peaceful and quiet corner of your house. Grab the copy of the book you have been planning to read for long. Give yourself an hour to savour the words and experience the joy of reading. It is equal to meditation. While you are learning, you are developing concentration. It’s similar to the part where you bring your mind back to your breath during meditation. Indirectly, you are mounting awareness by learning what you are not. While reading for life, you figure out what you are not, you can drop concentration—meditation. Luckily, that’s not the whole story, but it’s most of it—meditation and reading are similar, interconnected and a replacement for each other.

Jumpstarting your mind

Our human experiences expose us to a lot more than we bargained for. With stress, trauma, indoctrination, ignorance, unawareness and other aspects shaping our minds, we can go about life with wrong thinking and not comprehend the effects they have. Reading is the pathway to enlightenment and power; a cliché but true.

Your filing tax becomes easier when you read how to do it. Plumbing becomes second nature when you do it enough time after reading a book on it. Create a budget and upholding it for years become the norm when you learn the intricacies of it and why they matter. You can end toxic relationships, false thinking, and generational outcomes and start a new career, a way of life and a new spiritual journey all from reading books.

The reasons to read books are extensive, but they are all superb. Find your purpose and plan to read daily to see the changes in your life. It could be to remain creative, pick up new vocab, become a better writer, and have more to talk about during dinner parties- whatever it is, start today.


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