Recently, it was announced that five UK citizens had been arrested as part of the largest car insurance fraud investigation in British history. Featuring six separate but coordinated insurance claims worth £144,000, this case underlines the challenge facing insurers when they appraise claims and the reasons why they apply such stringent terms and conditions to their policies.

While it may be one thing to defraud insurers, there is nothing stopping car-owners from adopting a proactive approach and actively reducing their operational costs. So long as drivers remain within the law and prioritise their long-term savings, this can be a lucrative exercise that drives significantly lower ownership costs.

How to reduce the cost of car-ownership

To help you out, here are simple steps that will help you to reduce the cost of car-ownership over time:  –

  • Negate the impact of Unplanned Repairs and Maintenance

While there are costs associated with planned maintenance and MOT services, these are usually fixed and easy for drivers to factor in. The same cannot be said for unplanned work or repairs, which may arise as the result of an accident or collision. It is therefore important that drivers look to negate the unexpected and potentially huge costs, by securing comprehensive breakdown coverage that minimises their risk. While these plans may cost a little more than standard insurance policies, they offer tremendous and valuable coverage that can deliver huge savings over time.

  • Take an Advanced Driving Course and adhere to the rules of the road

Also on the subject of insurance, drivers can reduce their annual premiums by adopting a responsible approach while out on the road. The completion of an advanced driving course is an excellent place to start, as this teaches technical road skills that can be applied on the motorway and statistically reduce the risk of accident in the eyes of insurers. By keeping a clean record, you can also renew your policy at a reduce premium over time.

  • Keep fuel-efficiency in your mind at all times

While you may be tempted to upgrade to a car with a superior performance once you have gained experience as a driver, it is important to keep your feet on the ground at all times. High performance cars not only cost more in the short-term but also drive huge fuel consumption, increasing the daily cost of operation significantly. By investing in a modest car with excellent fuel-efficiency metrics (such as a hybrid vehicle, for example), you can reduce these costs without compromising on your experience as a driver.


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