Many businesses have yet to completely get with the times and fully embrace the wonders that technology has to offer. Over the years, advancements in how we use computers and the internet has effectively revolutionised the way that we work and the way that businesses operate. Here are just some of the ways that technology has changed business forever, and what you can do to ride the wave towards success.

The Rise of the Virtual Office

Revolutionising the work place sometimes means having no work place at all! Or rather, business doesn’t have to be done in an office or on official business premises. This is all thanks to the rise of the virtual office.

What is a virtual office? Basically, it’s a prestigious address provided by companies like London Executive Offices that clients and other companies can send mail to, and a telephone answering service to manage your calls and enquiries. This is perfect for smaller businesses that are not yet established enough or simply don’t need a physical office and allows you to build a strong reputation in your area of business.

The Advent of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means that we can work from anywhere at any time, freeing up businesses everywhere from the restrictive nine to five nature of traditional working hours. Companies can work with people remotely and from the other side of the world if the need calls for it, and cloud computing allows companies to save their valuable documents on a shared drive, so they can access it with ease whenever needed.

It’s also changed the way that businesses operate, as it eliminates the need for dedicated data centres and servers, allowing businesses to enlist third party services to store their data for them. There’s less risk of corruption or loss of data thanks to cloud computing.


This is a more recent development that’s been picking up momentum and looks to be a more standard practice in business. Automation is exactly what it sounds like; it’s reducing the need for employees and frees up time for current workers to allocate their time better. Though it seems like something out of science fiction, artificial intelligence and automated processes signify that the future is already here, and it’s going to make our lives much easier in the process.

As technology continues to advance, businesses will continue to adapt so that they can thrive from these changes. The more willing that businesses are to adapt, the more chance they have for success, and it won’t be long before these incredible improvements to technology will be the standard practice across the business world.


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