Millions of discarded clothes or fabrics such as curtains are added to landfill sites every year. There are an estimated 45 million items thrown in the UK’s household refuse system every week. There are many other options for using unwanted clothing wisely although much depends on its quality. Clothes that are virtually unworn can be sold to second-hand shops or donated to charity shops to support a worthy cause. The main problem most people have is what to do with clothes that are beyond a reusable life. The affordable Clearabee rubbish removal service can provide a recycling solution preventing your old clothes increasing the pollution already in the landfill sites.

How Fabric and Clothing increase Greenhouse Gases

It’s a common belief that natural fibres such as cotton, wool, and leather decompose within a year. However, this is not the case in a landfill site where rubbish is compacted to such a degree that essential elements needed to break down fibres are totally excluded. Light, oxygen, and moisture cannot get in but poisonous gases such as methane can seep out accelerating the greenhouse effect. The long-term disintegration of synthetic fibres are still something of an unknown quantity with estimates suggesting they could take up to five hundred years to decompose. The effect of being squashed into a landfill site could easily double that figure. Recycling worn out clothing with Clearabee is a much wiser solution.

Effortless Recycling with Clearabee

The exemplary 95% recycling rate achieved by Clearabee with their fast and efficient rubbish removal service for all types of refuse guarantees that your unwanted clothing is in safe hands. Clearabee saves you time and effort by sorting your clothing for you. All you have to do is pile it into a spacious, environmentally-friendly fabric Bee bag. Alternatively, pack your clothing into a box or bin bag for collection on the same day by the super fast Man and Van team. You can even include fabric as part of a large mixed load for Beebag rubbish removal.

From Rubbish Removal to Successful Recycling

Clearabee have established an effective system for recycling clothing. Any items of good quality are sent to charity shops. Clothing and textiles that are considered to be of a poor standard are still destined for a useful life. Polyester, in particular, can be recycled so successfully it’s woven into new fabric at a lesser cost than when it is manufactured as a raw material. Other worn out clothing is sent to processing plants to be shredded into fibres that are then used in the manufacture of cleaning cloths. It is also used to fill upholstery, car seats and mattresses and can even be used to make paper. Any leftover scraps that are unusable are incinerated to provide energy. With such an effective recycling system for clothing, none of it should ever end up in a landfill site.

Recycling your Unwanted Clothing with Clearabee

Clearabee operates a national service with flexible collections for Bee bags and skips at dates to fit in with your schedule. Efficient Man and Van teams collect on the same day and are ideal for small loads. Whenever you decide to declutter your wardrobe, Clearabee can provide the perfect service. Using the Clearabee rubbish removal service for the recycling of your unwanted clothing is convenient, flexible and affordable. And best of all, it means you can keep a clear conscience by effectively disposing of your old clothes without sending them to a landfill site.


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