PayStub is widely known as pay slip, salary slip and pay advice. Paystub is an official document which is paid to an employer by an employee for services rendered. From the past few decades, the conventional method of paying remuneration has been replaced by modern methods such as an electronic direct depositing approach. Through this method, employee’s bank account or payroll card is loaded with salary on a monthly basis and a paystub is sent to the employees to give them details about their total earnings. It also includes some information about Gross pay, taxes, deductions, net pay and so on and all this information is included as per the law of each country.

Significance of Paystubs

Sometimes, Paystub is directly attached to the paycheck. But, if the salary is directly paid into bank account, then it is either sent as a notice to the employee’s address or directly handed over to the employee. In many cases, it may not receive by employees, so it’s a great idea to ask this salary slip from your human resource department. It is quite useful to keep it to verify final payment or any deduction. You can show this slip if you may feel you have got unexpected deduction from your employer.

Why pay slips must be kept?

Pay slips or salary slips keep a great significance for both a boss and workers. It may use for both legal and personal purposes.

A worker should keep this as an employment proof because it will be quite helpful when you will change your job and many companies ask for salary slips to verify your last employment or remuneration. Moreover, you can use it as payment proof while paying income tax or return filling. Besides, it works fabulous while approving any government loan and it is also accepted as a tenant. Furthermore, it is quite beneficial when you apply for any international visa or Permanent residency.

An employer must keep salary slips of employees to provide payment to them or to show them deduction detail when they want. Moreover, it can be used as a document while filing a return.

Included Information on pay stubs

  • Tax Information: Tax detail varies from senior employees to junior worker. Including taxes such as; federal taxes, state taxes and local taxes. All these taxes utterly depend on personal income and area of living and working.
  • Deductions: Some companies deduct insurance like health, disability, dental and life and these companies pay it to local legal authorities for worker future prospective.
  • Salary garnishments: salary garnishments are those deductions which are done by the employer to pay the loan installment of a worker such as; education loan and personal loan.
  • Total Gross pay: Gross pay is the total amount of salary without making any deduction from it.
  • Total Net pay: This is a final payment which has done after all the above deductions.

How to create a Paystub?

For this query, there is only one answer “pay stub generator”. It is an online website which is especially made for generating pay slips. Both the employer and employee can use this website.

  1. First of all, employee or employer has to create an account on pay stub generator and log in there.
  2. Then, you just need to fill form including details of name, address, business information, company logo, Tax ID etc.
  3. After completing above steps, you will need to fill remuneration detail either it is hourly basis or it is monthly basis.
  4. Moreover, you will have to fill the all the deductions that have been done before paying. If you get your payment through check, you have to add the check number while filling the form.
  5. Finally, you will have to review the added information for final confirmation, after confirming all the information, just select a template and proceed to pay. After that you can either download paperless paystubs or can print the physical copy through an attached printer.


Paystubs are often needed for verifying jobs or loan purposes. Thus, it is better to ask your boss for salary slips whenever you get your wages. It will be beneficial in legal formalities as well as help you out in filling a tax.


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